DIY Weddings: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Part 3

Part 3 – The Ugly

While I think that you can do somethings yourself, you need to leave some items to the professionals. Photography is the big one. Your pictures are one of the only things that you will have after the wedding is over. Professionals know how to capture the moment and not your feet. Uncle Joe maybe a great guy who always takes good pictures of you opening up your christmas presents, but this does not mean that he can all of a sudden take pictures of your wedding. Even though better digital cameras are now available to the public, there is more to photography than just the camera. Lighting is huge and unless Uncle Joe carries with him the correct lighting, or really knows how to use the settings on his camera, your pictures will not come out right.

Another place brides think that they can save money is with a DJ. An iPod is not a replacement for a DJ. Does your iPod come with lights and an MC? If so, let me know where you bought it. If not, then you will find that it will not replace a DJ. DJs perform many different roles. They announce you as you come in and all other events of the reception. They keep music going while you eat at the correct sound level. Finally, they keep the party going. They can customize the music according to the crowd. They may start with some classic songs while grandma and grandpa are there, and move to newer music when only the younger people are left. They can get the crowd up by playing the electric slide at the right moment (love it or hate it, it works at getting the crowd going). The question becomes, can your iPod do all of that? The answer is no.

Brides also think that they can save money by having someone bake the cake. This is another mistake that brides make. Preparing a cake for 100-300 people is not an easy task and should not be taken at one. To properly prepare a tiered cake, you need to have many skills. Aunt Mary may make a good cake on your birthday, but can she really make cake for 200 people. Are you ok with the icing sliding down the side? If she attempts to make tiers, are you ok with them sagging and falling over? Probably not. You can normally find cake decorators in any budget, so do your research to find someone who is right for you.

To conclude this series, it is important to understand that there are things you can do and things you cannot. Be smart about what you try to do yourself. You want your wedding day to be perfect, and so do we. We hate to hear about a bride that tried to do things for her own wedding that she was not capable of because we are normally hearing that it did not go well at all. Most importantly, you are to be enjoying your wedding and engagement. Do not ruin either of these by adding undue stress with too many DIY projects. Hire professionals where appropriate and do not be afraid to ask for help. Wedding planners are here to help when the stress of doing it yourself is too much.


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