Brides and Mother-in-laws

One of the problems brides sometimes face is their mother-in-law. What brides may not realize is that all they want to do is share in your joy. Many mother-in-laws to be do not know what the bride expects of them. They are caught between wanted to help and not wanting to be a bother. As a bride, you should try to find a way to include your mother-in-law, it will go along way in your relationship to come. I am not saying that they need to make every decision for you, what I am saying is that they would like to be included. We sometimes forget that this is the groom’s wedding too and if he is an only child, this is the only wedding his mother will be involved with. Try to make an effort to include her when you can. This can be as simple as going dress shopping with her. She will feel touched that you want to include her in this special time. Think of other ways that she can help, going to other vendor meetings or helping put together your programs or favors. I have seen brides fight with their soon to be mother-in-laws and it has put a strain on their relationship. If you can find a way to include her in your planning, you will find it will go along way in strengthening your relationship. Trust me, your new husband will appreciate it.

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