Creative Fall Wedding Pew Decoration

We have all been to weddings with a store purchased bow hooked to the end of the pew for the ceremony. While this is an ok idea, it is not unusual or special. If you are having a fall wedding and would like something different, I may have just the thing. I recently had an October wedding where the bride wanted fall themed pew decorations. She really wanted to incorporate wheat somewhere in her wedding decor, so I came up with this idea.

Fall Wedding Pew Decoration

Dan Zachary Photography

We used wheat handing downward with one large flower, small bunch of hydrangeas, and some berries. Since the pews that we were hanging them on had raised corners, we used ribbon to hang them over the edge. They turned out perfectly and looked great down the aisle. This was a great way to bring the fall theme into the church. Below are a couple great shots that help show the great effect of these decorations.

Fall Wedding Pew DecorationFall Wedding Pew Decoration

Dan Zachary Photography


3 thoughts on “Creative Fall Wedding Pew Decoration

    • Where I live, we have an Old Time Pottery and I purchased my wheat there. I do not know where you are, but if you do not have that store, I think Michael’s sells some. They have a grass/reed/wheat section. Make sure to bring a 40% off coupon. Love to get deals!

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