Wedding Colors Trend: Grey and Yellow

One of the new trends in wedding colors is the combination of grey and yellow. I think that this is a great combination that can be used by many different brides. Here are two examples of using the same color combination depending on the type of bride you are. If you are a more classic bride and are having a spring wedding, you could have the girls in yellow chiffon dresses with gray trim holding white roses. The invitations could have a soft yellow scroll pattern and you could be surrounded by yellow and white roses in silver vases on your tables.

Yellow Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress               Yellow Wedding Invitation

Link to Dress                                              Link to Invitation

Maybe you are a more modern bride. This color scheme can work also work for you. Your bridesmaids could be in grey dresses and holding bright yellow flowers. You invitations could be a modern pattern in grey and yellow. Your tables could have yellow flowers in white vases on grey tablecloths.

Grey Bridesmaid Dress               Modern Yellow Wedding Invitations

Link to Dress                                            Link to Invitation

Either way you would have a fabulous wedding color scheme. Also for each I would mix it up and have the men where grey tuxedos. For the classic spring wedding it would make the men look softer, and the modern wedding would give a touch of the unexpected. This is a great color combo that I think anyone would enjoy.

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