Winter Wonderland Color Scheme

As I have been hearing about the snow and ice storm approaching, it reminds me of one of my favorite winter wedding color schemes: white, silver and ice blue. I think that this is a wonderful color scheme that really captures the feeling of winter. The decor can have all white flowers. The girls can where a real pale ice blue and the guys could have silver vests/ties. Reception ideas are endless. You could be surrounded by candle light and lights above to give the effect of the starry night sky. Silver accents can be everywhere and when the candle light hits it, you will get the feeling of glistening snow. You can also add crystals to help with sparkle. You could add them on the table or even in a tree. For all of you brides that are planning a winter wedding, give this idea some thought as it will make for a magical night.

Winter Wedding Deor IdeaWinter Wedding Centerpiece Idea

Link to this Decor Idea                          Link to this Decor Idea                           

Winter Wedding Flower Idea

Link to this Flower Idea

Also, if you are looking for great ideas and products, I would look at the link above for the centerpieces from Decorate My Wedding. I love her product and think that you could find some more wonderful winter wedding ideas.

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