Who is that guy at the end of the aisle in the tux?

A wedding is a joyous event that brings to people together in marriage. Too many times, however, the wedding planning process is about just the bride. I have heard countless times the “its all about me” phrase and wondered, what about the groom? I have seen it where the groom is completely left out the planning process.  This can be what the groom wants, but many times they wanted to feel included. Even the grooms that does not really care what flower is on the tables, may care about what songs are played during the ceremony or what he is wearing. It is important to remember that this is a wedding for both a bride and a groom.

As you are planning your wedding, try to include your groom when you can. You do not need to bombard him with ever aspect of the wedding (unless of course he wants that) but do try to make him feel included. If you can figure out what he wants the day to be like, then you can both have a great experience. As a couple you should sit down at the beginning of the planning process, and figure out what you want the wedding to feel like. You may want a pretty pink Cinderella wedding, but he may not want to be in a pink overload. If you do not talk about it, he may not tell you in order to avoid a fight. You could compromise and add green into the mix to tone down the pink. He will probably like the manlier color, and you still get your pink. Maybe he loves M&Ms, you could use these as your favors. This would easily incorporate him into the wedding.

Your wedding is about the both of you and will be a better experience if you share this wonderful journey together.

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