Winter Wedding Fur

As I am sitting here trying to stay warm from this arctic blast, I am reminded of winter wedding fur. Winter brides have the distinct pleasure of being able to wear fur for their weddings. I guess you could get one for a July wedding but you will be hot and your pictures will look a little odd. Fur (faux of course) wraps or coats can add a nice touch to any winter wedding and allows you to get that winter feel in your pictures. Many different styles are available from a simple wrap to a full coat to just a muff.

Winter Wedding Fur Wrap Idea

Link to Website

You do not have to stop at just you. The whole bridal party can get into the fun and have their own wraps.

Winter Wedding Fur Idea

Link to Fur

Have fun with this idea and get some creative pictures. Above all, stay warm during your wonderful, winter wedding.

Again, always go faux, save the animals. (No animals were hurt in making this post)

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