The Wedding Budget – The Little Things

As I was paying bills today, I was thinking about the bills that go along with a wedding. We call it a budget and it can be the source of problems for some. Every couple starts out with their budget, and some end up way over it. Many different reasons can cause this, but the one I am going to talk about today is the small items. We are so concerned with the big items, reception hall, dress, photographer, that we sometimes forget about the little items that we still have to pay for. When you set up your budget, make sure to leave a little wiggle room in each of your categories for the things you have not thought of yet. Here are some examples of things people forget.

Postage – Couples find that perfect invitation and it costs $200.00 for the all of them. Great! They change their budget to reflect the amount and move on. What about postage? This is a cost that you will incur, but is often forgotten. If you have 100 invitations and assuming you stay at standard postage, it will cost $44.00. You will also need to have postage on your RSVP cards (if you use them). If they are in envelopes you need to add another $44.00 or $28.00 for post cards. You have added $72.00 – $88.00 to your invitation cost, did you account for that?

Tipping – Again, you find your vendors and update your budget. Did you remember that you will need to tip some of them? Depending on the vendors and how good their service is, you can add a couple hundred more dollars to your budget.

Programs – This is something that sometimes gets forgotten until the end. You do not think about putting it into your stationery cost and one month before your wedding, you start making them. You have not put them in the budget and did not consider all the materials that you wanted to produce that perfect program. Again, depending on how you want them to look, you could be spending another $50 – $200. Remember they are not like invitations, everyone gets one. Those same 100 invitations may be for 200 guests. You may think $0.50 per program sounds great, but that is another $100 to your budget.

This is not anywhere close to a complete list of “little items” in the budget, but it should get you thinking. Also, none of theses items are a large part of the budget, but they do add up. In the above examples, you could be adding another $500 to your bottom line. They can add up quick when you are not looking. I am not saying you need to make a budget that has 400 lines of items. My goal is to get you to think about this stuff. Leave some room in each of your categories for the little stuff. This way you will not get a surprise later down the road and have your budget get out of control.

Real Wedding/Engagement Contest!

Congratulations, You are Engaged! I want to congratulate all the couples that have gotten engaged. This is an exciting time in your life and you should enjoy every minute of it. This time of year always makes me sappy so we have decided to have an amazing contest.

We are looking for the best real engagement story from Indianapolis, Indiana. We want to hear your story and why it is special to you. Maybe he proposed at the site of your first date or did it with your family. Every story is special and we want to hear them all. Tell us your story and the winner will be posted on this blog. The winner will receive a complimentary day-of coordinator for their wedding, which has a value of $750. The winner will also receive a HUGE  75% discount on are other services, if they need at little extra help.

All entries need to be received by March 31, 2010 at 11:59pm EST. The winning couple must be getting married in Indianapolis or in the nearby surrounding areas. The only thing that we ask is that we can use your photos in our promotional material. This is an amazing offer, so what are you waiting for. Send us your story at and maybe you will get to be stress free on your wedding day and get it for free.

Good Luck!

Home Wedding Advice

Some couples decide to have their wedding at home and I think that this is a great idea. It can add a personal, intimate feeling to a wedding. The only problem is that many times couples think that this is a great way to save money. It can in some areas but many times couples do not think about the costs associated with the home. They end of spending more money then they expected and cannot figure out why. Here are some of the things that you need to think about for a home wedding.

1. How many guests do you have? One of the ways to keep a wedding cost down is to invite less guests. A home wedding in a sense does this for you automatically. The important thing to look at is do you have the space for who you want to invite. Where are you having the ceremony? Do you want your guests to be able to sit? If you are providing a meal, how many people can you sit? If you invite 50 people and you can only sit 30 for a sit down dinner, you are going to have some angry guests. It is important to map out your day and figure out exactly how many people can fit at each event.

2. What items do you have to rent? If you are going to have a sit down ceremony, do you have chairs or benches for all your guest? How about tables for your reception? Do you want a dance floor? Is it going to be at night, can you see? When you have a home wedding you most likely will have to rent everything about the wedding. If you are at a reception site, you get tables, chairs and china provided for you. At home you have to rent everything, down to the salt and pepper shakers on the tables. Lighting is a big element people sometimes forget. If you are having an evening reception in the backyard, you and your guests will probably want to see each other. You are probably going to need to hire a lighting company to give you the ambiance you want.

3.  What about restrooms? This is not a glamorous topic but a realistic one. Are you having 50 people at your wedding, but you only have one restroom? Guess what, you are probably going to have a line. Depending on the size of your facilities and the number of guests, you may want to look into renting some extra ones.

4. Are you going to have music? Do you have a power source near by the DJ can use? Do you have a noise ordinance in your area? Nothing is worse than getting the party started just to have it ended. You need to check to make sure that you do not have to stay below a certain sound level at night. You do not want a neighbor to call the police on your wedding day. You may also want to let your neighbors know about the wedding so they are not surprised about the noise.

5. Where is everyone going to park? If you are inviting 50 people, do you have a place for 25 cars? You have to think of where your guests can park. If it is going to be a little bit of a walk, are you providing transportation to and from? Remember, your guests may not want to walk a mile in 3 inch heels.

6. Is your house in shape for a wedding? Many people decide to work on their house when they are having a home wedding. Depending on the shape of your house depends on the costs. Does your house really need a new paint job? Do you need to plant new flowers and bushes? If the ceremony is inside, do you need replace any carpet? You may be saying that you need to do none of these, great! However, many people decide that once a wedding is involved everything needs to be perfect, including the house. It is fine to update your house, but remember these are additional costs you need to add to your budget.

7. What shape will your house be in after the wedding? This is something couples forget to think about. If you are having it outside, you are going to have some yard damage. For example, if you are laying a dance floor down, it is probably going to be layed the day before. Then you have the wedding and it does not get pulled up until the day after. Is your grass going to survive? Probably, but it might need some life support. You are also going to probably have some holes.

This is not a complete list of everything you need to think about, just some of the bigger items. You can have a beautiful home wedding that will not break the bank, you just need to think about all the details. What I think that is most important is that a home wedding may require a little more planning then a regular wedding. If your wedding is at a reception site, they are the ones worrying about all the details. At a home wedding, it is you. This may be one of the best times to hire a wedding planner. We are here to help you think about all these details. We are also their to coordinate everything for setup and at the wedding.

This can be a huge undertaking depending on what type of wedding you are having. You can do it yourself, just remember details, details, details. Also, stay organized. You will need to know what is happening at all times. If you decide to have a home wedding, enjoy it. This is a unique type of wedding that can add such a personal touch to your special day.

Have Fun, Take a Break, Learn About Yourself

This is not really wedding related but I think that it is a great break from anything, including wedding stress. It is a Color Quiz. Someone else sent this to me and it is so much fun. You will see that you just click on colors and then it tells you about yourself. Some how it just knows you. I did it a couple times and it always had me pegged. Try it and have fun. It is a great break from the world and you might just learn something about yourself. Maybe it will even help you understand yourself and how you need to plan your wedding.


2010 Hot Wedding Color Trend – Navy Blue

Another hot wedding color for 2010 is navy blue. I really like this color and how rich it makes everything look.

Navy Wedding Ideas

Bridesmaid Dress Idea
Escort Card Idea
Invitation Idea (Top Right)
Invitation Idea (Bottom Left)
Cake Idea
Shoe Idea

I think that you can use this color with any style, but I think that it goes really well if you want a classic feel to your wedding. Pairing it with white adds a beautiful sophistication to this color. Just imagine your bridesmaids holding white roses and tables covered in all white flowers on top of blue linens. You could also easily pair this color with silver to add a little sparkle. Finally, this is a natural color if you want a nautical theme to your wedding. By using this color and some well placed decorations, you could have the nautical feel without the overdone look.

This color is going to produce many gorgeous weddings so enjoy!

Shopping for Wedding Dresses?

Ok, I was married awhile ago and even have two wonderful children, but I think I am like many of you and love wedding dress shopping. I was able to go with my sister-in-law recently dress shopping and had so much fun. It got me thinking and I decided to have a little fun myself and window shop for wedding dresses. Now, I loved my dress at my wedding and I do not know that I would ever change it, but here are some dresses that I would need to try on if I was getting married now instead of before.

Mori Lee Wedding Gown

Mori Lee Dress                                         Mori Lee Dress

Jim Hjelm Dress

Demetrios Dress

I also should note that I am assuming that I am still the same pre-children dress size, if I tried any of these dresses on now I might cry :-)! The interesting thing about doing this is I have noticed that my style has changed. Some of the above dresses I never would have even tried on.

This is an important lesson for you when trying on wedding dresses. Even though you may go into the dress shop with a set type of dress, do not be afraid to try something different, you might find that you like a different style. Dresses in pictures always look good because they are worn by models and shot in the best position. Not all dresses look good on all brides. You can be a size 2 but if you are shorter a ball gown will probably not work for you. My sister-in-law went into the store wanting a certain silhouette and ended up buying another. If we had not made her try the other silhouette (which she originally thought would not work for her body type), she may not have found that perfect dress.

Since I am not getting married again, I ask that all of you have fun and try on these dresses for me. Let me know if they look as good on as they do in the pictures.