Shopping for Wedding Dresses?

Ok, I was married awhile ago and even have two wonderful children, but I think I am like many of you and love wedding dress shopping. I was able to go with my sister-in-law recently dress shopping and had so much fun. It got me thinking and I decided to have a little fun myself and window shop for wedding dresses. Now, I loved my dress at my wedding and I do not know that I would ever change it, but here are some dresses that I would need to try on if I was getting married now instead of before.

Mori Lee Wedding Gown

Mori Lee Dress                                         Mori Lee Dress

Jim Hjelm Dress

Demetrios Dress

I also should note that I am assuming that I am still the same pre-children dress size, if I tried any of these dresses on now I might cry :-)! The interesting thing about doing this is I have noticed that my style has changed. Some of the above dresses I never would have even tried on.

This is an important lesson for you when trying on wedding dresses. Even though you may go into the dress shop with a set type of dress, do not be afraid to try something different, you might find that you like a different style. Dresses in pictures always look good because they are worn by models and shot in the best position. Not all dresses look good on all brides. You can be a size 2 but if you are shorter a ball gown will probably not work for you. My sister-in-law went into the store wanting a certain silhouette and ended up buying another. If we had not made her try the other silhouette (which she originally thought would not work for her body type), she may not have found that perfect dress.

Since I am not getting married again, I ask that all of you have fun and try on these dresses for me. Let me know if they look as good on as they do in the pictures.

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