Wedding Day Make-up

I like to save as much money as possible when planning a wedding. However, sometimes I think you need to splurge and spend a little. One of these items that some would say is an extra splurge is getting your make-up done. I think that this is one area a bride should spend a little money. I think that there are several good reasons for this.

One, it is your wedding day and you should be pampered. How many times in your life do you hire someone to do your make-up? If you are like me, the answer is never. For your wedding, say yes. It is ok to be spoiled on your day, it is your day.

Two, who needs added stress on your day. We have all been there in front of the mirror putting on make-up, and for some reason cannot get it perfect. Do you want this to happen on your wedding day? Also, while you are getting ready, people are going to be talking to you. Your bridesmaids will be excited and talking, family will be there and some other family that you did not expect will show up (it happens). All wanting to talk to you about your special day. It is a whole lot easier to be talking while someone else is worried about your liner and mascara.

Three, a professional is going to make you look good. I am not saying that you cannot make yourself look good, but a professional has tools and products that the average person does not. They do this for a living and will make sure you glow on your wedding day.

The other important thing is to make sure you hire a good make-up artist. I am not suggesting you pull just anyone off the street. You need to see them before your big day, AND (this is an important and) you need to have a test run. This is critical for wedding day success. Not everyone wears make-up the same way and unless the make-up artist is familiar with working on you, they may not know what you like. For example, I happen to not wear tons of make-up. On an average day I have a powder foundation (got to hide those bad spots), mascara and a little blush for color. For my wedding day, I did not want to look different with tons of make-up on. It is important to have that test run so that you and your artist are on the same page for your wedding day. It does you know good to hire an artist and have them do your make-up wrong. Then all of a sudden that stress we are trying to avoid will be ruining your day.

To sum up. Research and find an artist that is professional and trustworthy. Have a practice run to make sure everything will be perfect. Finally, relax on your wedding day and just let yourself be pampered.

Happy Planning!

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