Bridal Headbands

Brides today have more options for their hair than ever before. Tiaras are still popular, but if that is not what you want, here is another great option. Headbands are returning in the fashion world, and the wedding world is no different. This season the headbands have multiple rows, and I love them. I think this is fun way to add a little personality to your wedding. Below is an example:

Bridal Headband

Another way to wear a headband, is for your reception. I was like many brides and took off my veil for the reception. Why not take off your veil and switch into a fun headband. You can have your more traditional headpiece for the ceremony, but the reception is a time you can have more fun. Below is a picture of a headband that you may want to rock at the reception:

Bridal Headband

Whether you choose classic or funky, you can have a great hair accessory that will add to your overall wedding day look.

Happy Planning!

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