Ace Party Rental Bridal Show

I am going to be at the Ace Party Rental Bridal Show this Sunday 2-5 pm and it only costs $1.oo, which is donated to The United Way of Central Indiana. Come to the show and stop by our booth and get a free gift. This is going to be a great show with many wonderful vendors. Hope to see you there.

Check it out! – Ace Party Rental

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Creative, Eco-Friendly Wedding Centerpiece

In honor of Earth Day today, I decide to share an idea about a creative centerpiece for your reception. A trend right now is to use tall branches to make a dramatic centerpiece. The twist that I am suggesting is to use an actual tree. Purchase small trees that you can place in nice pots and instantly you have an amazing centerpiece.

Centerpiece Idea

You can use a flowering tree like the one pictured above, to a more standard tree with mainly branches. You can add the same flowers and/or adornments you would add if it was just branches and around the tree you can add additional plants or just candles to set the mood. Guests will be amazed that an actual tree is on their table.

Another great use for the tree is to make the tree themselves your favors. This makes them more eco-friendly, since you are using them for two purposes. Allow parents, grandparents, other special relatives, and of course you to take them home and plant these trees in their yards. This will give the special people in your life a piece of your wedding memory they can savor for years to come. You can tell your grandchildren one day that the tree they are leaning against was from your wedding.

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Volunteers Needed!

We need more volunteers for Brides Against Breast Cancer Tour of Gowns charity wedding gown sale. This is an amazing event and we need many hands to make it possible. If you are a bride and already found your dress, come down and help other brides find theirs. Maybe you just like helping a great cause, whatever your reason, it is a great time and you will enjoy your experience.

Here are the times of the event:

Saturday, May 22nd – 10am – 8pm
Sunday, May 23rd – 10am – 6pm

Please contact me at if you are interested in volunteering.

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Too Busy to Plan Your Wedding?

I have been extremely busy lately and, in fact, have not been able to write. I think that this happens to all of us. Life happens and we sometimes get caught up in doing too many things. Between work, family life and the many other countless things we all do, it is easy for wedding planning to be put on the back burner. This seems ok when you are ten months away, but starts to become a problem when it is two months away and you are way behind. Then panic sets in and you start stressing about everything.

Again, I understand we all get busy, but my goal is to keep you stress free. It is ok that you do not work on your wedding planning every day or even every month. Depending on the month, you may just not have a lot to do. My suggestion is to make sure that each month you do at least check your timeline. Make sure that you have not missed anything or to see if something is coming up next month. If you do miss a month planning, make sure that you check your timeline and work the next month on getting caught up. The idea is that if you do get behind one month, you get back on track the next month. It is a lot less stressful to add three more things to do in a month then to get one month away from your wedding and being 30 things behind.

Planning a wedding should be fun and she not leave you stressful. If you are having trouble planning because of your schedule. Remember that we are here to help. A wedding planner is a resource for helping you plan your wedding. Maybe you are so busy that you need someone else to do the planning or maybe just someone to keep you on track. If you find that you are getting more and more behind, contact a wedding planner and we can help you get back on track.

Happy Planning!

Wedding Color: Green Apple

Another color I like for weddings is green apple. I like that it is so versatile. You can have an all green apple wedding or have it combined with colors like: pink, purple, brown, black and even damask. You can have a chic, modern wedding to a simple traditional wedding. In spring you can use this color with pink and purple to have a fun fresh color scheme. At the same time, you can use it in the fall with brown to bring the fall season to life. I have created a design board of invitations to give you some examples on how you can use this color.

Wedding Invitations – Wedding Divas
Green Apples

Not only can you use this great color but it can be your theme. You could easily have a green apple wedding as your theme and use actual green apples in your decor. You could serve a green apple martini as a signature drink, and use real green apples for your escort cards.

Apple Escort Cards

The ideas are endless and you will have a beautiful wedding to remember.

Happy Planning!

And the Winner Is…

Here is the winner of our engagement/love story contest. It was a hard decision, but I deceded on the following couple. What can I say, I am sucker for love at first sight. Please read the following real engagement story from Indianapolis and enjoy the fairy tale.

 Our Love Story

Seen through the eyes of the Bride

Mark and I met at a rehearsal dinner in September of 2008. As the only two single members of the wedding party we were destine to sit next to each other. Over baked chicken, green beans, salad, and a video montage of the happy couple, we were able to talk and laugh. Immediately we developed a “spark.” The next day, he challenged me to a dance-off during the reception. Little did he know, that I had moves hes never seen! So, it was always clear to me that I would be the winner, however, we agreed to let the crowd pick their favorite. I led the crowd in a new-age rendition of “Shout” which included me doing push-ups on the dance floor as every got, “a little bit softer now.” Mark was just as smooth, I must admit. He impressed the circle of viewers with his “Russian” dance moves and crazy pelvic thrusts! 🙂

After my victory, I headed off the dance floor to rehydrate myself with a beverage. Upon returning, I was greeted by Mark who grabbed my hand and said, “Don’t ever leave me again.” He kissed me on the cheek and I melted like a Popsicle on the Fourth of July! As the night ended we went separate ways because I too chicken to ask for his number. I watched him walk out of my life. What I did not know though was that he was not going to let me go as easily. The next day, at a Colts tailgate he tracked down my cousin (the bride) and got my number. He also told his friends that he found that woman he was going to marry. A week later we went on our first date.

Fast forward one year…..

We knew instantly that this relationship was the real thing, true love; his and her towels and all!He and I both knew this is what we wanted! More importantly though, our families both knew. We talked about marriage and I knew one day it would happen. So, when Mark suggested we go “look” at stones for an engagement ring on our One Year Anniversary I couldn’t be happier. I thought this was an excellent idea. He swooned me with his normal romantic behavior and told me he thought it would be a great story to tell our grand kids! 

On September 14, we walked into Hofmeister’s Jewelers to “look at stones.” I immediately starting crying because I knew soon I would be getting engaged. Mark reassured me that if we did find a stone and setting on that day it would take another couple of months to get it made. This calmed my nerves down a little. We were met by Fernanda, a sales associate, and she gave us a tour of the facility. She stated that it would take a while for her managers to get some rings together to look at, so we decided to head out to the deck to enjoy the day and look at the lake! Mark excused himself to the bathroom. While we were waiting for Mark, Fernanda and I chit chatted about the day and the fish in the lake. And honestly, the whole time I was thinking, “OK. OK. I get it. Can we go look at rings yet” 🙂

Mark joined us shortly after and the three of us stood and talked for what seemed to be forever but in reality it was probably another minute or so. After Fernanda excused herself to check on her manager Mark grabbed my hands and started talking about how wonderful the past year had been. He spoke of how I “saved him” and how much he wanted to have many more years together. Sadly, the whole time I was thinking, “OK, you kind of look crazy! What if Fernanda comes back.” So, when Mark pulled out a ring I was shocked. I was speechless. Thinking about it now still makes me teary eyed!

I can remember clearly as Mark knelt to the grown and asked me, with tears in his eyes, if I would marry him. I couldn’t breath or speak so I just shook my head. The tears just kept coming. I truly was so shocked. Mark however was stunned he asked, “Ummm…so is that a yes?” Of course it was a YES!

As any girl would want to do, I immediately wanted to call my mom. Mark told me there was no need to. He had been planning this all along and all of my family and friends were at my parents house waiting for us to arrive. An engagement party in our honor! I cried even more. I have been so blessed to have such a supportive family and now I have an amazingly supportive fiance.

Picture from Hofmeister’s

Congratulations again to our winning couple. We are so excited that we will able to share apart of your incredible journey.
Happy Planning!

Runner Up…

When I said I had a hard time picking the winner, I meant it. Here is another story that I really enjoyed and even though they did not win, I wanted to share their great love story.

Our Fairytale

 Every girl dreams of fairytales and for me, on March 6th 2010, my fairytale came true.  In college about four years ago, I met the love of my life, Jason Reichter.  He was the captain of the hockey team, great looking and had a million friends. Jason was the wild college boy that every girl wanted but he choose me, ditched his wild ways and became a wonderful man. 

We had always talked about eventually getting married and had even looked at many different jewelry stores for engagement rings, but he was very adamant that I had to finish school before we could ever get engaged.  I was already a cosmetologist and he had an amazing job so I understood where he was coming from, but at the same time I was starting to get wedding fever.  It also didn’t help that Jason began fake purposing!  On New Year’s Eve 2008 he sent out a mass text message at midnight to all of his friends saying we were engaged!  His friends were ecstatic and secretly he was too even though it wasn’t for real.

Then, on our third year anniversary he played another joke.  I walked out to my car at about 10:30 at night after working at my serving job and found three dozen long stem red roses and Taco Bell mild sauce packets that read, “Will you marry me?” scattered all over the hood of my car.  I ran back into the restaurant to tell my friends and they tried to convince me that I was engaged.  I explained to them that he wasn’t purposing and that he just plays silly jokes like this all the time.  They convinced me to run home jump on him and scream, “Yes, I’ll marry you!” which I did and he freaked out.  We had a good laugh about it, but I told him the game was on. 

This past November Jason and my family went to my Aunt’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving.  While Jason and some of my other cousins were downstairs playing video games, I asked to try on my mom’s new wedding ring that she received for her 25th anniversary.  I turned to my Aunt and showed her “my” ring.  She freaked out and everyone started congratulating me right as Jason walked into the room.  My family started congratulating him and the look on his face made the whole thing worth it.  I told everyone it was a joke and explained the jokes Jason had played on me.  Everyone laughed including Jason and I, I knew I had gotten him back! 

With all the fake proposals and with some of our close friends recently getting engaged I started to get antsy for a ring but after talking about it together we decided the right thing to do would be to wait until I finished school.  So I put getting engaged to the bottom of my list and to the back of my mind.

Our 4 year anniversary was coming up and we both wanted to do something really special.  Little did I know he had already planned a romantic weekend getaway to Pigeon Forge Tennessee, a little tourist town I had visited a few times as a kid and always wanted to return too.  The neatest thing about Pigeon Forge is all the different riding stables.  I have been obsessed with horses every since I was a little girl and always wanted to take Jason riding.

We left for our trip late Friday morning and arrived at our destination right before sunset at our own private cabin on the side of a mountain! When we walked into are cabin called “Alone at Last” I was so shocked at how beautiful it was.  I wanted to call my mom immediately but we had promised each other no phones all weekend.  The cabin had all the luxuries of home plus a pool table, large stone fireplace and a balcony with our own private hot tub!  It was spectacular! We also found a notebook containing writings from all the previous vacationers that had stayed in the cabin.  Apparently Jason had chosen the honeymoon cabin because almost every story was about a couple celebrating an anniversary, honeymoon or a romantic weekend.  We were both on cloud nine and spent the night exploring the town, shopping and eating at Bubby Gump’s, a fun amazing fish house.  We stayed up until about three in the morning celebrating the weekend, playing pool, which I beat him at, and relaxing in the hot tub.  We finally went to bed but I had a hard time sleeping because the next day we were going horseback riding and I hadn’t been on a horse in a few years.

The next morning we ate breakfast at a little pancake house and shopped around Gatlinburg Tennessee.  We then decided to go mini golfing.  We went to Treasure Island where I played a great game and only lost by one! Normally he kills me, but later he told me he was nervous. Excuses! Excuses!  After mini golf we headed out to Douglas Lake Stables where Jason had set up a private three hour horseback ride with just me, him and a guide.  We got a complementary photo and each got a cowboy hat so we looked liked like pros on our horses!  I rode a beautiful Appaloosa name Apple who apparently is nicknamed the wedding horse because he is the gelding they use for all their wedding ceremonies. Jason’s horse on the other hand was practically dying!  His name was Bridge and he was an 18 year old rescued bay quarter horse who had a lung issue that made him breath really heavy but we didn’t find that out till about two hours into the ride. Jason prayed the whole ride that his horse wouldn’t topple over.  Bridge was a grumpy old man that just did what he wanted to do; he was adorable.  Our guide’s name was Jesse and she was awesome.  Jesse and I talked about horses the whole time. I kind of felt bad that we weren’t including Jason but we were having so much fun we just couldn’t stop!  I found out later that he was really thankful we weren’t talking to him because he was very nervous about what was coming up so he was happy to sit quietly and think.  We walked through the mountains and through a gorgeous lake that was about 30 feet low so we got to walk out onto the beach and play in the water. We took so many pictures and were having an absolute blast! We left the lake and continued to walk through the mountains.  We came to a beautiful clearing overlooking the lake and mountains.  It was so symbolic because at that moment I realized that I had been riding at that exact stable with my family when I was younger and we took a picture in front of that exact valley.  We stopped to take a picture and I was smiling at the camera when Jason called my name to get my attention. I turned my head and he was holding out an absolutely stunning engagement ring!  I immediately threw my hands up to my face in complete shock.  He looked at me and said, “I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone but you; will you marry me?” I blurted out “Oh my gosh! You’ve got to be kidding me, yes!!”  I was in such shock I didn’t think it was real!  I reached out to give him a kiss but our horses were too far apart so the guide scooted them closer as I was reaching for him like a little girl.  I felt like a princess. It is every horse lovers dream to find their prince charming and fall in love on horseback!  I couldn’t stop staring at my hand and he couldn’t stop smiling.  I told him I loved him and then shouted out “Were Engaged!”  Little did I know the guide had pushed record so we got the whole thing on video!  We took so many pictures and called our parents right then and there.  Jason had asked my parents for their permission to marry me the week before which is why he made me promise no phone calls, I should have known.  I realized all the hints from the previous week that I was completely oblivious too, which luckily I didn’t catch on because being completely surprised made the moment that much more special.  I giggled like a little girl the whole ride back to the stable.  After our fairytale ride we decided to go back to the cabin, change and go out for dinner. We called everyone we could think of in the car ride home.  It was so cute because he was so excited to tell all of his friends and family.

When we got to our cabin Jason opened the front door for me and said

“After you, future Mrs. Reichter”.  I walked in to find the kitchen table set for a steak dinner by candlelight with a single rose as a center piece!  Jason had contracted some company to decorate our cabin and provide a romantic dinner.  All we had to do was cook the steaks so we broke open a bottle of classy champagne that Jason had snuck in and grilled out while we laughed and reminisced about the day.  We had a wonderful dinner with potato, salad, veggies and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  We stayed in all night just celebrating the two of us.  When we finally went upstairs our bed was covered in rose peddles in the shape of a heart with chocolates and candles filling the room.  It was the most romantic thing I could ever imagine.  It was the perfect end to an absolutely perfect day.   

The next morning we were so giddy we just couldn’t stop smiling or talking about the whole proposal.  We went to breakfast and I immediately got comments on my ring!  Jason put so much work into the whole weekend I could never have even dreamed of a more perfect proposal or man to go with it!  Since we had to get on the road semi early, we headed back to the cabin to pack. Right before we left we wrote down our amazing story in the cabins note book.  We made a pack that we would come back to celebrate our anniversary and stay in the same cabin.  It was such a bitter sweet moment because while we didn’t want to leave, we were very excited to go home and see our friends and family. I am so lucky to have found the man of my dreams who in that weekend became my prince charming and made my fairytale come true!
We are excited that after all your fun, you are finally engaged. Congratulations!
Happy Planning!

Runner Up…Too!

Ok, I promise this is the last one, but I really enjoyed this love story as well. Each of these stories were unique and it was hard to decide who had the best story. Again, even thought they did not win, I wanted to share a great story.

Jamie and Jennifer

Growing up with my father in Navy meant lots of moving from state to state. We moved to San Diego, CA when I  was 10 years old, and that is where I first met Jaime, my next door neighbor. That summer a friendship was born, which lead into the school year when we were both in the same 5th grade class. That following Spring Break was the first time Jaime tried giving me a ring. Jaime’s family had invited me to go with them to Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park. While there we were split up. While Jaime was with his mother, he won a toy ring from a claw machine game. Later Jaime tired giving me his prize ring, but sadly I turned it down (for reasons unknown now).

Those two years built a strong friendship between us. A friendship that a 12 year old boy wanted more from, but as the military would have it, another move was in store. It wasn’t until 8 years later that I would hear from Jaime again.
The summer after my Sophomore year in college is when I first caught word from Jaime. He had sent me a message online telling how he just finished basic training and airborne school, and was currently on his way to AIT school. After that we talked whenever possible, and texted all the times in between. From there a relationship started.
This past Thanksgiving I flew down to Ft.Bragg, NC to spend Thanksgiving with Jaime. The day after I flew down Jaime decided to take us ice skating, since it had been some time since either of us have gone. After about a half hour of me constantly falling of my butt, Jaime takes his first plummet to the ice. I circle around to help him up, when I then notice him pulling something out of his jacket. That something being the second ring for Jaime to give me. One that I gladly took.
How often does a bride get two rings from the same groom? I love that this couple met years before and found each other again. Congratulations on getting engaged after all these years.
Happy Planning!