And the Winner Is…

Here is the winner of our engagement/love story contest. It was a hard decision, but I deceded on the following couple. What can I say, I am sucker for love at first sight. Please read the following real engagement story from Indianapolis and enjoy the fairy tale.

 Our Love Story

Seen through the eyes of the Bride

Mark and I met at a rehearsal dinner in September of 2008. As the only two single members of the wedding party we were destine to sit next to each other. Over baked chicken, green beans, salad, and a video montage of the happy couple, we were able to talk and laugh. Immediately we developed a “spark.” The next day, he challenged me to a dance-off during the reception. Little did he know, that I had moves hes never seen! So, it was always clear to me that I would be the winner, however, we agreed to let the crowd pick their favorite. I led the crowd in a new-age rendition of “Shout” which included me doing push-ups on the dance floor as every got, “a little bit softer now.” Mark was just as smooth, I must admit. He impressed the circle of viewers with his “Russian” dance moves and crazy pelvic thrusts! 🙂

After my victory, I headed off the dance floor to rehydrate myself with a beverage. Upon returning, I was greeted by Mark who grabbed my hand and said, “Don’t ever leave me again.” He kissed me on the cheek and I melted like a Popsicle on the Fourth of July! As the night ended we went separate ways because I too chicken to ask for his number. I watched him walk out of my life. What I did not know though was that he was not going to let me go as easily. The next day, at a Colts tailgate he tracked down my cousin (the bride) and got my number. He also told his friends that he found that woman he was going to marry. A week later we went on our first date.

Fast forward one year…..

We knew instantly that this relationship was the real thing, true love; his and her towels and all!He and I both knew this is what we wanted! More importantly though, our families both knew. We talked about marriage and I knew one day it would happen. So, when Mark suggested we go “look” at stones for an engagement ring on our One Year Anniversary I couldn’t be happier. I thought this was an excellent idea. He swooned me with his normal romantic behavior and told me he thought it would be a great story to tell our grand kids! 

On September 14, we walked into Hofmeister’s Jewelers to “look at stones.” I immediately starting crying because I knew soon I would be getting engaged. Mark reassured me that if we did find a stone and setting on that day it would take another couple of months to get it made. This calmed my nerves down a little. We were met by Fernanda, a sales associate, and she gave us a tour of the facility. She stated that it would take a while for her managers to get some rings together to look at, so we decided to head out to the deck to enjoy the day and look at the lake! Mark excused himself to the bathroom. While we were waiting for Mark, Fernanda and I chit chatted about the day and the fish in the lake. And honestly, the whole time I was thinking, “OK. OK. I get it. Can we go look at rings yet” 🙂

Mark joined us shortly after and the three of us stood and talked for what seemed to be forever but in reality it was probably another minute or so. After Fernanda excused herself to check on her manager Mark grabbed my hands and started talking about how wonderful the past year had been. He spoke of how I “saved him” and how much he wanted to have many more years together. Sadly, the whole time I was thinking, “OK, you kind of look crazy! What if Fernanda comes back.” So, when Mark pulled out a ring I was shocked. I was speechless. Thinking about it now still makes me teary eyed!

I can remember clearly as Mark knelt to the grown and asked me, with tears in his eyes, if I would marry him. I couldn’t breath or speak so I just shook my head. The tears just kept coming. I truly was so shocked. Mark however was stunned he asked, “Ummm…so is that a yes?” Of course it was a YES!

As any girl would want to do, I immediately wanted to call my mom. Mark told me there was no need to. He had been planning this all along and all of my family and friends were at my parents house waiting for us to arrive. An engagement party in our honor! I cried even more. I have been so blessed to have such a supportive family and now I have an amazingly supportive fiance.

Picture from Hofmeister’s

Congratulations again to our winning couple. We are so excited that we will able to share apart of your incredible journey.
Happy Planning!

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