Runner Up…Too!

Ok, I promise this is the last one, but I really enjoyed this love story as well. Each of these stories were unique and it was hard to decide who had the best story. Again, even thought they did not win, I wanted to share a great story.

Jamie and Jennifer

Growing up with my father in Navy meant lots of moving from state to state. We moved to San Diego, CA when I  was 10 years old, and that is where I first met Jaime, my next door neighbor. That summer a friendship was born, which lead into the school year when we were both in the same 5th grade class. That following Spring Break was the first time Jaime tried giving me a ring. Jaime’s family had invited me to go with them to Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park. While there we were split up. While Jaime was with his mother, he won a toy ring from a claw machine game. Later Jaime tired giving me his prize ring, but sadly I turned it down (for reasons unknown now).

Those two years built a strong friendship between us. A friendship that a 12 year old boy wanted more from, but as the military would have it, another move was in store. It wasn’t until 8 years later that I would hear from Jaime again.
The summer after my Sophomore year in college is when I first caught word from Jaime. He had sent me a message online telling how he just finished basic training and airborne school, and was currently on his way to AIT school. After that we talked whenever possible, and texted all the times in between. From there a relationship started.
This past Thanksgiving I flew down to Ft.Bragg, NC to spend Thanksgiving with Jaime. The day after I flew down Jaime decided to take us ice skating, since it had been some time since either of us have gone. After about a half hour of me constantly falling of my butt, Jaime takes his first plummet to the ice. I circle around to help him up, when I then notice him pulling something out of his jacket. That something being the second ring for Jaime to give me. One that I gladly took.
How often does a bride get two rings from the same groom? I love that this couple met years before and found each other again. Congratulations on getting engaged after all these years.
Happy Planning!

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