Remember Someone Special at Your Wedding

We all wish that everyone makes our wedding day. Sometimes, however, a special love one is not with us on our special day. I was assisting at a wedding this past weekend that did something special for a loved one. The person had passed shortly before the wedding and the bride wanted a special honor for them. As the bride and her father walked down the aisle, they stopped right before the last row of chairs to light a remembrance candle. Below is a picture of the set up

Rememberance Candle

This was a beautiful gesture that allowed the loved one to be still be part of the ceremony. I wanted to share this with you to show that there are many ways to honor loved ones that have passed before your wedding day. Maybe you have a parent that is no longer with you, it would be a wonderful gesture to light a candle on your way to the altar to honor their memory. I wish that this candle was never needed, but if it is, this allows all family members to be a part of your special day.

Happy Planning!

Watch Fox 59 for Brides Against Breast Cancer

I am excited to say that I will be on Fox 59 Morning show tomorrow at 9:15am to promote our event for Brides Against Breast Cancer. Make sure to watch or tape to see me talk about this great event. We are also going to feature three models wearing dresses you will be able to purchase this weekend. If you are a bride and want to see what might be there, this is a great way to see some dresses. Again, this event is going to be great and we cannot wait to help you find your perfect dress.

It was a great segment, here is the link, enjoy!

Happy Planning!

Your Wedding Day Hair

Everyone has different ideas of the perfect wedding hair. Some want it down some want it up and others want both. My advice is to do what works for you and your wedding vision. My other advice is to practice what you want. You probably have a vision in your head of exactly what you want. If you do not practice, then how will you know if your hair stylist has the same vision.

I am the perfect example of what not to do. Way back when I got married, I was not experienced at wedding planning. I showed up on my wedding day and told the stylist what I wanted. When he was done, it was not what I exactly wanted. Best of all, my cousin (who was just a guest) had her hair done, and it was exactly what I wanted. The good news is that my hair looked good and the hair was not a big deal for me, so I did not stress.

Are you going to have the same reaction that I did if your hair is wrong? If you really want a certain look, then you need to have a practice session. Take a picture if you find one and talk to your stylist. If she or he is not doing what you want, tell them. They do not know what you are thinking until you tell them.

My only other advice is be cautious about leaving your hair down. If you leave your hair down with curls, will it hold? You may say, yea I have gone to events and my hair has done well. If your wedding day starts at 8 am to get your hair done and your reception is going to 11pm, it may be up to 14 hours. Will your hair last that long? You can still wear your hair down, just know it may not look picture perfect at the end. As long as you are ok with that, then go for it.

Happy Planning!