Destination Weddings

I have just came back from vacation in Florida and I have been inspired. Have you thought of going to an exotic location for your wedding? You can choose a destination wedding for several different reasons.

Be different – Maybe you want to get away and have a wedding that others you know are not. If you live in the midwest, not many of your friends are going to have a beach wedding. You could plan your wedding in Florida and have that beach wedding all your friends dream of.

Different Location Options – Every city does not hold the same features. For instance, Indianapolis does not have an aquarium. Maybe you love fish and everything in the water. Think about going to a city where you could hold your wedding in an aquarium. When I was in Florida I visited Mote Aquarium in Sarasota and all I kept thinking was, what a great wedding site. By choosing a destination city, you can get a location that may not be available in your current city.

Shorter Guest List – Not everyone wants a big wedding. If you fear that your guest list may get out of hand, think about a destination wedding. Since everyone on the guest list has to travel, you can cut it down to just very close family and friends. This way you can have a great wedding without feeling guilty about not inviting everyone you know.

Costs Less – This is a feature that everyone uses with destination weddings. I want you to take this with a grain of salt. Depending on your circumstances, yes a destination wedding can save you money. You have less people coming so your per person costs are down and your travel costs are no different from your honeymoon costs. But depending on where you are going, you may still need a large budget. For example, if you only bring 20 guests you think that you have saved money by not inviting 100. If at home your per person cost is $25 and your destination per person cost is $150, you have actually spent more money. Just make sure that you do the math both ways to make sure you really are saving money.

Finally, you are probably going to need more help with a destination wedding. Hiring a wedding planner can be very important. You can choose to hire someone at the destination location or choose someone in your own area. The person at the destination will know vendors, but will not be around to help you up to your wedding day. By choosing someone in your own area, they are there when you need them. Just because the planner is not in the destination city, does not mean that they cannot help with vendors. In my case, I am a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants, which is nationwide. If I need to find a local vendor in another city, I can tap into my association contacts and get the information I need.

Having a destination wedding can be a fun adventure that both you and your family will enjoy.

Happy Planning!

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