Something Different – Rose Ceremony

I was asked by a bride recently for an idea for her ceremony that was different. She liked the idea of the unity candle, but with her outdoor ceremony, it was not really feasible. I offered her a suggestion, why not have a rose ceremony.  The concept is simple, give each other a red rose as your first present as husband and wife. Like with anything, you can perform it many different ways. All you need are red roses for you and your husband to be (and any children that are making up a blended family) and it should be preformed after you are pronounced husband and wife. Here are a couple of examples of the wording:

Version 1

Minister: Your first gift to each other for your wedding today has been your wedding rings – which shall always be an outward demonstration of your vows of love and respect and a public showing of your commitment to each other. In addition, you both have given and received one of the most valuable and precious gifts of life – one I hope you always remember – the gift of true and abiding love within the devotion of marriage.

 You now have what remains the most honorable title that exists between a woman and a man – the title of “wife” and “husband.” It is now my great privilege to be the first to address you as wife and husband and for your first gift as wife and husband, that gift will be a single red rose bud.

 (Minister hands each a red rose bud)

 The rose is considered a symbol of love and a single rose always means only one thing – it means, “I love you.” So it is appropriate that for your first gift – as wife and husband – that gift would be a single rose bud.

Please exchange the rose buds as your first gift to each other as wife and husband.

 Within these rose buds, if given proper loving care, is the potential for an even more beautiful expression of Life and Love in the form of the mature flower. And so it is with your marriage. At this point your marriage is like these rose buds – ready, with proper loving care – to unfold into a very beautiful expression of life.

 ____________ and ____________, if there is anything you remember of this marriage ceremony, it is that it was love that brought you here today, it is only love which can make it a glorious union, and it is by love which your marriage shall endure. Whatever the situation, love, understanding, acceptance and forgiveness can make everything right.

 Version 2

Wedding Rose Ceremony is a part of the wedding ceremony that takes place usually after the wedding vows.  The Wedding Officiant or the Maid of Honor and Best Man can offer the rose to the Bride and the Groom at the appropriate moment.  Often a rose ceremony can go like this:

Officiant:  After the exchanging of rings, your first gift to each other, as husband and wife,  is a single rose.  The rose is a symbol of love so it is an appropriate that it is your first gift.

Please exchange your first gift as husband and wife.   (GROOM GIVES A ROSE TO BRIDE.)

GROOM:  (Bride’s name)  I give you this rose as a symbol of my love. It began as a tiny, tightly closed bud and blossomed into this perfect rose that opened with the warmth of the sun, just as my love for you has grown in the warmth of your soul.


BRIDE:  (Groom’s name)  I give you this rose as a symbol of my love. It began as a tiny, tightly closed bud and blossomed into this perfect rose that opened with the warmth of the sun, just as my love for you has grown in the warmth of your soul.

Officiant: GROOM and BRIDE, in remembrance of this day, as a reaffirmation of your love and of the vows you have spoken here today please give each other a single red rose each year on your anniversary.  In the best of marriages there are difficult times.  There are times of hurtful words, times of neglect, times when we must wait patiently to be together again.  Those may be times when the words you really need to speak are difficult.  I ask that you remember this moment and that when words fail you, that you place a single rose on your spouse’s pillow as a way to say, “I remember our vow,”  and “I love you”.  Let this exchanging of roses be the beginning of a lifelong tradition of unspoken love

Finally, you can add the final touch of giving these roses to your mothers. The groom would hand his to the bride’s mother and the bride to the groom’s mother. I personally like it when the mothers do not know that they get this special gift. If they were not crying before, they will be now.

This is a great addition to a ceremony and will bring joy to all who witness it.

Happy Planning!

2 thoughts on “Something Different – Rose Ceremony

  1. Thanks for the article. The Rose ceremony is a wonderful way to express your vows and renew them as a symbol of love, understanding, and dedication to work through all situations and make a long lasting marriage.

  2. In my opinion, the strength of the vows is to lean on them when times are tough. The everlasting strength and beauty of the rose should be a reminder of that.

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