Wedding Shoes Tip

I found a post today from a bride for her wedding day. She searched the internet and found great tips to remember for her day. You may want to check out her post here. I offered one of my own that many brides do not think of. All brides take time and energy to find the perfect wedding day shoe:

Pink Shoe

Black Lace Shoes

You then wait for your wedding day with anticipation and the day final comes. You slip on your shoes and three hours later you are dying to take them off. Here is my tip, about one month out, start breaking in your shoes. Wear them around the house and get the “pains” out before your big day. I want my brides to enjoy every part of their day, including their shoes.

Happy Planning!

Side Note – From the bride’s list, make sure to hire a planner to get the day-of duties taken care of right. Planners will help with all the items listed and many, many more. We have done this many times and can plan for things you do not think of.

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