Love Support: Helping Moms Find her Dress

Mother’s Dress

I know you are worried about your dress and how beautiful you will be (and you will be radiant) but your mom (and his) are also probably worrying about her dress too. One of the questions I have been asked a lot in the past month is “what is the mother of the bride suppose to wear?” What color, what style, is there any rules? Here are my tips you can pass along to mom to help her out:

The dress color should not be the same as the bridesmaids. They are special and so is your mom, and they should each look special. I normally suggest colors like: champagne, mocha, grey or something that compliments your color scheme.

Style: you can suggest a length, but make sure mom is comfortable with it. Each person has their own comfort level and your mom is no different. Let her pick a dress that makes her feel as comfortable as you do.

My only other suggest is mom you should not wear the low-cut, red dress, it is the bride’s time to shine not yours. But buy the dress anyways, you have plenty of other times to look fabulous.

Brides, when you get asked by your mom what to wear, just send her here and maybe this will help.

What is your mom wearing to your wedding? Do you have any other suggestions?

Love is in the Air!


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