Fashion Friday: Kenneth Winston Lace Wedding Gown

I have decided that I will now start having some fashion fun on Fridays! I will use Fridays as a day to post about wedding fashions. It might be a wedding gown, bridesmaids dress, shoes, or all of the above! Hopefully I can help you find the dress or shoe you were looking for.

Up first, a romantic, lace wedding gown by Kenneth Winston. If you are looking for an all over lace dress with an amazing back, look no further!


Kenneth Winston courtesy of The Knot

What dress would be complete with out a fabulous pair of shoes to go with! Check out these cute, pink Badgley Mischkas.


Badgley Mischka courtesy of Nordstrom

What do you think of this wedding gown? How about the shoes?

Happy Planning!


Pink Wedding Shoes!

If you were to look at my blog stats, you would find my most popular post being a post with pink shoes. The problem being that they are ruffle Carlos Santana shoes that are no longer available (I know, I have them in black). I decided that I needed to give you more pink shoes to drool over. Right now these are available but who knows for how long. Enjoy!

indianapolis wedding planner glitter pink wedding shoe

Pink Sparkle Shoe

indianapolis wedding planner blush pink wedding shoes rufflesPink Ruffle Shoe

indianapolis wedding planner hot pink wedding shoe

Hot Pink Shoeindianapolis wedding planner kate spade pink feather purseindianapolis wedding planner kate spade pink feather purse

Kate Spade Pink Feather Purse

Wait a minute, that last one is not a shoe! What can I say, I couldn’t resist. While looking for pink shoes, I found this Kate Spade purse and wanted to share. Why not have a pink purse to match your pink shoes!

Which are your favorite?

Do you have another favorite pink shoe I missed?

Happy Planning!

2013 Wedding Gown Trends

If you are getting married, you have most likely already started searching for a wedding gown. The interesting thing this year is that more and more brides are looking for sleeves of some kind on their dress. Dress designers are starting to realize this too. Here are a couple of examples:

Indianapolis Wedding Planner Alfred Angelo Wedding Dress Style 2243

Alfred Angelo
Style 2243

Indianapolis Wedding Planner Maggie Sottero Bronwyn Wedding Dress

Maggie Sottero

Indianapolis Wedding Planner Mon Cheri David Tutera Wedding Dress Rae

David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Style No. 113204 – Rae

As you can see brides like the idea of covering up a bit. Also, having sleeves allow the designers to make great designs for the back of the dress. Click on the links and see how dress backs have changed.

The only problem is that not all dresses and designers have caught up with this trend. Many brides are finding dresses they like that have no sleeves. Not to worry, a good seamstress can fix that. In fact, Lucy’s Bridal in Carmel, can add cap sleeves to many of their dresses. When shopping for your dress, make sure to stop in to their shop to see if one of their dresses can be your dream dress.

What do you think about sleeves on dresses? Are you having them on your dress?

Love Support: Helping Moms Find her Dress

Mother’s Dress

I know you are worried about your dress and how beautiful you will be (and you will be radiant) but your mom (and his) are also probably worrying about her dress too. One of the questions I have been asked a lot in the past month is “what is the mother of the bride suppose to wear?” What color, what style, is there any rules? Here are my tips you can pass along to mom to help her out:

The dress color should not be the same as the bridesmaids. They are special and so is your mom, and they should each look special. I normally suggest colors like: champagne, mocha, grey or something that compliments your color scheme.

Style: you can suggest a length, but make sure mom is comfortable with it. Each person has their own comfort level and your mom is no different. Let her pick a dress that makes her feel as comfortable as you do.

My only other suggest is mom you should not wear the low-cut, red dress, it is the bride’s time to shine not yours. But buy the dress anyways, you have plenty of other times to look fabulous.

Brides, when you get asked by your mom what to wear, just send her here and maybe this will help.

What is your mom wearing to your wedding? Do you have any other suggestions?

Love is in the Air!

New Fun Find – FootzyRolls


I LOVE this shoe! I think this is a must have for all brides. You spend hours finding the perfect shoes to wear with your wedding gown only to kick them off for boring slippers or flip-flops. Why not make your slippers as stylish as your wedding heels. FootzRolls are glammed up roll up slippers in many different styles. It is your wedding day and you deserve to have all your shoes look fabulous! Celebrities wear them, so why not you? There are many different styles so pick the one that fits you best.  FootzRolls

What is your favorite FootzRoll? Do you want these for your wedding?

Happy Planning!

Wedding Shoes Tip

I found a post today from a bride for her wedding day. She searched the internet and found great tips to remember for her day. You may want to check out her post here. I offered one of my own that many brides do not think of. All brides take time and energy to find the perfect wedding day shoe:

Pink Shoe

Black Lace Shoes

You then wait for your wedding day with anticipation and the day final comes. You slip on your shoes and three hours later you are dying to take them off. Here is my tip, about one month out, start breaking in your shoes. Wear them around the house and get the “pains” out before your big day. I want my brides to enjoy every part of their day, including their shoes.

Happy Planning!

Side Note – From the bride’s list, make sure to hire a planner to get the day-of duties taken care of right. Planners will help with all the items listed and many, many more. We have done this many times and can plan for things you do not think of.

Your Wedding Day Hair

Everyone has different ideas of the perfect wedding hair. Some want it down some want it up and others want both. My advice is to do what works for you and your wedding vision. My other advice is to practice what you want. You probably have a vision in your head of exactly what you want. If you do not practice, then how will you know if your hair stylist has the same vision.

I am the perfect example of what not to do. Way back when I got married, I was not experienced at wedding planning. I showed up on my wedding day and told the stylist what I wanted. When he was done, it was not what I exactly wanted. Best of all, my cousin (who was just a guest) had her hair done, and it was exactly what I wanted. The good news is that my hair looked good and the hair was not a big deal for me, so I did not stress.

Are you going to have the same reaction that I did if your hair is wrong? If you really want a certain look, then you need to have a practice session. Take a picture if you find one and talk to your stylist. If she or he is not doing what you want, tell them. They do not know what you are thinking until you tell them.

My only other advice is be cautious about leaving your hair down. If you leave your hair down with curls, will it hold? You may say, yea I have gone to events and my hair has done well. If your wedding day starts at 8 am to get your hair done and your reception is going to 11pm, it may be up to 14 hours. Will your hair last that long? You can still wear your hair down, just know it may not look picture perfect at the end. As long as you are ok with that, then go for it.

Happy Planning!

Bridal Headbands

Brides today have more options for their hair than ever before. Tiaras are still popular, but if that is not what you want, here is another great option. Headbands are returning in the fashion world, and the wedding world is no different. This season the headbands have multiple rows, and I love them. I think this is fun way to add a little personality to your wedding. Below is an example:

Bridal Headband

Another way to wear a headband, is for your reception. I was like many brides and took off my veil for the reception. Why not take off your veil and switch into a fun headband. You can have your more traditional headpiece for the ceremony, but the reception is a time you can have more fun. Below is a picture of a headband that you may want to rock at the reception:

Bridal Headband

Whether you choose classic or funky, you can have a great hair accessory that will add to your overall wedding day look.

Happy Planning!

2010 Oscar Fashion and Wedding Dresses

While I was watching the Oscars, I was doing the same thing as everyone else, looking at the dresses. We all do it, we love to see the best and worst of hollywood. Many of us would love to be able to afford these one of a kind, beautiful dresses. If you are getting married, you have the chance to do this. If you look at wedding dresses, you will notice that many of the trends come from regular fashion dresses. The award shows are a great way to see up and coming great fashion (and some not so). Below are dresses from the Oscars and then how you can where them on your wedding day.

       Demi Moore                                      Wedding Dress

  Penelope Cruz                                  Wedding Dress

Another trend you will see are the same color trends for wedding colors. Jewel tones, especially navy blue, where very popular. As well as, muted colors like purple and pink. These are the same trends we are seeing in the wedding world. So next time you watch a reward show, pay attention, you may be seeing your wedding dress.