French Inspired Bridal Shower

Tablescape Idea
Cake Idea
White Hair Flower Idea
Black Flower Idea
Macaroon Idea
Invitation Idea
Chandelier Idea
Candleholder Idea
Cupcake Wrap Idea
Sweets Table Idea

Yesterday I was inspired by a Style me Pretty post about a french inspired bridal shower. I loved this idea so I decided to design my own french inspired bridal shower. You can see it above and next I will tell you about the design.


Tables: White table cloths with a black and white runner down the center. Black napkins will pop off the white base. Several flower arrangements in different sized black bases would run down the table. It would also have black candle holders mixed in for height and setting the mood. Finally, a chandelier would hand over the table to add the sparkle.

Food: Instead of a luncheon, I see this as a sweet bridal shower. A sweets table would be setup with a small cake, petit fours, macaroons and other sweet treats. Again, everything would be in black and white to keep the drama. I would again add a flower arrangement of white flowers and black base.

Invitations: I want a striking black and white invitation with a flourish. I want guests to get the drama before they walk in the door.

Fashion: To add the final touch, the bride would be given a white flower to place in her hair. I would also give the bridesmaids black flowers to wear. This way guests could know who was a bridesmaid, but they would be different then the guest of honor, the bride!


This is a dramatic and glamorous design. Have fun with this idea and make it your own. For instance, this can easily be adapted to fit a Chanel inspired shower for the fashionistas out there.

What do you think, would you like this shower? What would you add to make it your own?

Happy Planning!


Tiffany Themed Bridal Shower

I recently had the privilege of helping with my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. She is having a Tiffany, white and silver wedding. We did not want to have the same colors but wanted to have a nod to the wedding. We ended up deciding on Tiffany blue, black and white. It ended up being a striking color scheme that she really enjoyed. Below are some pictures from the shower (thanks Sarah Giles-Hall, the bride’s friend for the photos):

Guest Tables – Black Table Cloths and Tiffany Blue Runners

Table Close Up – Notice the Blue Water and the Beautiful Napkin Fold

You Always Need Good Food – Had fun with the Oversized Martini Glasses for Bowls

Tuxedo Strawberries – Have fun with the shower and the food!

Even had Blue Punch, I always do all the details


Tiffany Blue Cupcakes – Uuummm Chocolate!

Tiffany Box Cake – Pretty Good for My First Tiffany Box Cake
(only for my sister-in-law 🙂 )

Chandelier – The Bride Needed Some Bling (sorry about the bad picture, from my phone)

As you can see from the photos, this came together beautifully. The bride and her guests all had a great time. When you are designing a shower, remember that adding all the details do count, and people notice. It will show how much you care for the bride and her day.

Happy Planning!