Remember Someone Special at Your Wedding

We all wish that everyone makes our wedding day. Sometimes, however, a special love one is not with us on our special day. I was assisting at a wedding this past weekend that did something special for a loved one. The person had passed shortly before the wedding and the bride wanted a special honor for them. As the bride and her father walked down the aisle, they stopped right before the last row of chairs to light a remembrance candle. Below is a picture of the set up

Rememberance Candle

This was a beautiful gesture that allowed the loved one to be still be part of the ceremony. I wanted to share this with you to show that there are many ways to honor loved ones that have passed before your wedding day. Maybe you have a parent that is no longer with you, it would be a wonderful gesture to light a candle on your way to the altar to honor their memory. I wish that this candle was never needed, but if it is, this allows all family members to be a part of your special day.

Happy Planning!

Creative Fall Wedding Pew Decoration

We have all been to weddings with a store purchased bow hooked to the end of the pew for the ceremony. While this is an ok idea, it is not unusual or special. If you are having a fall wedding and would like something different, I may have just the thing. I recently had an October wedding where the bride wanted fall themed pew decorations. She really wanted to incorporate wheat somewhere in her wedding decor, so I came up with this idea.

Fall Wedding Pew Decoration

Dan Zachary Photography

We used wheat handing downward with one large flower, small bunch of hydrangeas, and some berries. Since the pews that we were hanging them on had raised corners, we used ribbon to hang them over the edge. They turned out perfectly and looked great down the aisle. This was a great way to bring the fall theme into the church. Below are a couple great shots that help show the great effect of these decorations.

Fall Wedding Pew DecorationFall Wedding Pew Decoration

Dan Zachary Photography