Creative Bridesmaid Gifts – Personalized Wine Glasses

I get asked a lot what a good bridesmaid gift would be. Many brides give jewelry (the same they are wearing in the wedding) as their gift. This is a great idea, and I do recommend it, but some brides like to do something different. Here is an idea that you and your bridesmaids can have fun with. Give them personalized wine glasses. Tons of websites offer you just this. You can just buy them, but I think it would be fun to make them. I know you are thinking, one more thing I have to take care of, how is this fun? My suggestion is to have your bridesmaids make their own glasses. Have a pre-wedding de-stress party. Pick a Friday or Saturday night and have a good old-fashioned slumber party. Then bring the wine glasses and have fun! Here is what you will need:

1. Wine Glasses. I know it is simple, but you will need to find some. In my town, I have an Old Time Pottery (love them!) and I can get wine glasses cheap. If you do not have a store like this in your town, then google and you will find hundreds. You can even get them customized with their name already, it is up to you.

Wine Glasses

2. Now you need paint in your wedding colors of course. You will need some kind of glass paint. If they need to put their names on them, then they may need a puffy paint like product that they can draw with. Also, these are glasses so make sure it is food safe.

Glass Paint – Joann’s

 3. Fun Stuff! Now get creative. You need the glitter and glam factor. Get items like feather boas, gems, ribbon and anything else that is you. This will let your girls be them, while at the same time, matching each other. Go to a craft store and just have fun. There is no limits and no rules, just your own.






             Boa                           Glitter                           Ribbon

4. Boring Stuff. You will need supplies to make this happen. This include paint brushes, plastic plates to pour paint on, scissors, glue (craft and/or glue gun) to add embellishments, etc. Also, I would suggest newspaper on the table you are working on, especially if you are using glitter. You will be having fun laughing and someone will drop something.

5. After everyone is done, collect them and keep them till your wedding day. Then have your planner set them out at the head table for the girls. They will be able to find their glass all night long.

BTW, the bride needs one too! Have fun with your bridesmaids and relax with them. It will be a great stress relief and will bring you all closer together, especially if not all your friends know each other.

Happy Planning!