Love Knots: Italian Themed Date Night

Milano Inn Italian Restaurant

Gondola Ride on Canal Downtown Indianapolis

Rose Room at Stone Soup Inn Indianapolis

Looking for a romantic night out? How about an Italian themed romantic getaway date?  First try the Milano Inn downtown in Indianapolis.  This fine Italian restaurant serves great traditional Italian food to satisfy your taste buds.  Choose from there wide selection of wines to help set the mood for the night!  The Milano Inn, an intimate, close feel while enjoying the finest Italian food in Indy.  Next, spend some time on the canal.  Enjoy a romantic gondola ride.  Sit back and relax while a gondolier sings romantic Italian songs and steers you around the canal. End your romantic evening in the Rose Room at the Stone Soup Inn.  This room has just the romantic feel.  The room décor and Jacuzzi help top off an evening you won’t forget!

Love is in the air!

Love Knots: Eagles Nest Restaurant

Eagles Nest Restaurant

Located at the Hyatt Downtown Indianapolis

Looking for a romantic night out with your loved one?  Try the Eagles Nest located at the Hyatt in downtown Indy.  The Eagles Nest revolves 360 degrees so you have the perfect view of downtown Indianapolis.  This fine dining restaurant is just what you need for a night out.  They were also voted most romantic restaurant in the city of Indianapolis.

Next time you are looking for a great place to eat with that romantic vibe, be sure to check out Eagles Nest!

Love is in the air!

Something Blue Contest

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue! We are having the something blue contest and the winner will receive a design path from MIT worth $500. This path includes a brainstorming meeting to discover your decor vision, a meeting with your florist and a follow-up meeting to make sure everything is taken care of for your wedding vision.

All you need to do is email us your name, wedding date and your favorite idea for the Something Blue. It can be something you will be doing or something you have seen done. We will post them to our Facebook Page and then pick three finalists. They you will get decide who has the best something blue. You have until the end of January to enter your Something Blue, so what are you waiting for!!

Send entries to contact [at]

Happy Planning!

P.S. – Sorry, but you must be in the Indy area to win.

Planning the Unexpected

Below is a weird/funny (ok, not so funny for the bride) story about an upcoming wedding in Texas. It is a good lesson for every bride in that you cannot plan for everything. This bride probably has everything planned perfect, excepted the uninvited guest. Things do go wrong at weddings (although not normally like this) and that is why a good wedding planner is there to help you through it. Always remember, something may not be perfect at your wedding, but in the end if you are married then it was the perfect day!

Happy Planning!

Art of the Table

Yesterday I was able to attend/work Art of the Table. This is an event hosted by the Association of Bridal Consultants Indiana Chapter as a fundraiser for the Betty Jackson Scholarship Fund and the American Cancer Society. Local planners, florists, and other designers create beautiful tables. This year the designers did an incredible job and we were entertained by amazing table scape. It was a great event and next year you should go. You will not be disappointed.

Real Wedding/Engagement Contest!

Congratulations, You are Engaged! I want to congratulate all the couples that have gotten engaged. This is an exciting time in your life and you should enjoy every minute of it. This time of year always makes me sappy so we have decided to have an amazing contest.

We are looking for the best real engagement story from Indianapolis, Indiana. We want to hear your story and why it is special to you. Maybe he proposed at the site of your first date or did it with your family. Every story is special and we want to hear them all. Tell us your story and the winner will be posted on this blog. The winner will receive a complimentary day-of coordinator for their wedding, which has a value of $750. The winner will also receive a HUGE  75% discount on are other services, if they need at little extra help.

All entries need to be received by March 31, 2010 at 11:59pm EST. The winning couple must be getting married in Indianapolis or in the nearby surrounding areas. The only thing that we ask is that we can use your photos in our promotional material. This is an amazing offer, so what are you waiting for. Send us your story at and maybe you will get to be stress free on your wedding day and get it for free.

Good Luck!

Have Fun, Take a Break, Learn About Yourself

This is not really wedding related but I think that it is a great break from anything, including wedding stress. It is a Color Quiz. Someone else sent this to me and it is so much fun. You will see that you just click on colors and then it tells you about yourself. Some how it just knows you. I did it a couple times and it always had me pegged. Try it and have fun. It is a great break from the world and you might just learn something about yourself. Maybe it will even help you understand yourself and how you need to plan your wedding.


ABC Mini Conference – Inspiration & Motivation 2010

Yesterday and today I attended a conference about new trends for the 2010 wedding season and motivating myself this year. It was a great conference and I learned tons of information including: hot color trends, new favor ideas, the wow factor and etiquette (I think we can all use a refresher every once in a while :-)).  I was excited about several of the new trends and cannot way to try them. Check my blog for new posts about what I have seen.

The other part of the conference was getting motivated, and I can say that I am. Tonya Shadoan, The Diva Wedding Coach, did a wonderful presentation that has me motivated for the next year. She has started a fire under me that I never knew I needed.

It was a great conference and I met new people, as well as, reconnect with others. I cannot wait for the main wedding season to begin, I hope you can’t either.

Best Wedding Wishes!!

ABC Mini Conference

I am excited for this weekend to come because I get to go to an Association of Bridal Consultants conference. It is our regional mini-conference and it is all about the upcoming wedding season. I know that I am going to learn about the new trends this year, as well as, get motivated for wedding season. I am also excited because I get to speak this year. I am going to be talking about my great experience at the annual conference we just had last November in Indianapolis. I had a great time at the annual conference and know that I will do the same at this one. I will let you know what I learn and what hot new trend I cannot wait to try. Wish me luck!

I Love Weddings!

Today I was thinking, I really love weddings. I love everything about them. From the planning to the actual day. Nothing is better than seeing two people come together and celebrate their love. I love the story of romance to all the details that go into planning that perfect day. It is interesting to see how each couple takes this exciting journey. Some are traditional while others go the opposite direction and try to do everything unexpected. Sometimes you look at a couple and before knowing them you think, I know their style, and then they go and surprise you. It makes it that much more fun! I do have to admit, I might like the planning part a bit more (I am a wedding planner after all) but to watch two people share custom vows is pretty amazing. I am sure this is not a shock coming from a wedding planner, but today I just felt like sharing – I love Weddings!

To all brides out there, enjoy every minute of your wedding planning. It is a joyous and wonderful time that you should cherish. Good luck with all your planning and do not forget to each your cake at your wedding :-)!!