Art of the Table 2013

It is that time a year again – Art of the Table. In case you do not know, this is a design event put on by the Indiana Chapter of the Association of Bridal Consultants. We will have 25 designers and/or florists designing amazing tablescapes. It is the one time a year many of us designers get to put the limit and really create that over-the-top look. This is a must see for all brides who want inspiration for their wedding. Best of all, we donate the proceeds to the American Heart Association and the Betty Jackson Education Fund. Who is Betty Jackson you may ask? She is a fellow planner who was taken from us too early by cancer. This event was created to honor her and her passions. Here are the details:

Date: Sunday, March 3rd
Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: NCAA Conference Center, 700 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Cost: $10/Ticket before March 1st, $12/Ticket at Door
More Information/Order Tickets:

Ruffles & Roses will be designing a table again this year. Here is a sneak peek of our color scheme. Come see what it turns into!

art of the table 2013 design board

I would also like to take some time and thank the generous sponsors who give of their time and product so we can create this great event.

Association of Bridal Consultants – IN Chapter
A Classic Party Rental
Bello Romance Photography
Centerplate Catering
Chair Covers and Linens
Circle City Photo Booth
Cocktail Sax
Jessica Strickland
LGi Linens
Markey’s Audiovisual
Nathaniel Edmunds Photography
NCAA Conference Center
Perfect Wedding Guide
Pink Poppy Ink
Ritz Charles/Indianapolis Monthly Bridal Show
Sunny Moon DJ
Wedding Day Magazine

Hurry, discount ticket pricing ends in two weeks! I hope to see you there and please make sure to stop by our table and say hello.

Have you been to Art of the Table before?
If so, what was your favorite design?

Happy Planning!

Love Conntections: Violet Vintage

I am excited to share a new rental place in Indianapolis. It is called Violet Vintage and you probably guessed, but they provide vintage rentals. They have a selections of furniture, tableware, accessories and more! Check out their website:

Violet Vintage

Not only do they provide rental items but they do more. If you want a vintage look for your wedding or event, you must check them ou. I have to say I LOVE vintage style and cannot wait to use some of their items. In fact, I think I already have some ideas…You may need to check out Art of the Table this year to see something.

I think my favorite piece is the Stitch’s furniture, I can already see it in use. What is your favorite?

Love is in the Air!

Love Connections: Laura from the Sheraton Downtown City Centre

Laura Buttry: Catering Sales Manager/Wedding Specialist 

Panorama Room at Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre

Aerial View of Downtown Circle 

Have you been thinking about where you would like to get married or where you would like to have your wedding reception?  The Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre has a wonderful staff and facility that will accommodate you in all your wedding needs!  We had the opportunity to sit down with Laura Buttry from the Sheraton in downtown Indianapolis.  Laura is the catering sales manager and wedding specialist at the Sheraton.  We asked her a few questions pertaining to love.

1)  What do you love about weddings?
-I love seeing the brides excitement when she is talking about her vision and then seeing it come to life on the big day.

2)  What do you love about your business?
-At the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre, I like how we are a place for people to gather.  We are their home away from home, their family reunion for the year.  I like that they feel comfortable sitting in the lobby just chatting or can relax in the sun by the pool.

3)  What is your love craving and why?
      – I love ice cream. I could eat it any time of the year and in all different flavors.

4)  What do you love about living in Indiana?
-I grew up in a small town and moved to Indy four years ago. I love that by going 15 minutes out of the city, you are back in farm country.  It is so relaxing to leave the city behind and be in nature.

5)  Love Advice
-My love advice is to be real about marriage and love itself.  It is not always roses’ falling from the sky but this is the person that is your partner in life.  They are with you there in the morning when you aren’t looking your best and by your side proudly at the work holiday party.  There are times when you will fight and not want to be around each other but these just make you stronger.  Realize that you are different people and he doesn’t always know what you are thinking so a little hint goes along way.  Always love one another and remember to always kiss good night.

Check out the wedding promotion tab on Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre’s website.  Make sure to book your date at the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre!

Love is in the air!!!

Love Connections: Erin Hession from Erin Hession Photography


Photos from a photo shoot with Erin
(Last photo is her famous ring shot)

    Erin Hession from Erin Hession Photography
(Erin with her Husband John)

Erin just finished our photo shoot for Ruffles and Roses. We had a chance to sit down with Erin Hession and ask her a few questions pertaining to love.  Here is what Erin said:

1)  What do you love about weddings?
       -“I love everything about weddings! I love photographing people in love and I enjoy capturing all of the beautiful details and special moments throughout the wedding day. I especially look forward to the first dance and creating an awesome shot of just the bride and groom in their own moment together with all of their friends and family watching, it’s probably one of my favorite parts of the day.” 

2)  What do you love about your business?
       -“I love how awesome my clients are, we tend to attract the really nice, high end, fun brides who are up for anything and who appreciate amazing photography. It makes my job so enjoyable to have fun clients who totally trust me when I say “just one more shot!”

3)  What is your love craving and why?
       -“I would have to say that I crave to seek out cool ring shots every weekend, especially when it showcases the couple’s personality. When we capture a really awesome ring shot, I tend to put it up on facebook right away, I just can’t wait to show the whole world!”

4)  What do you love about living in Indiana?
       -“I love how nice and down to earth the people are here, we’ve traveled all over the country for photo shoots but I have to say, Hoosier Hospitality is the best!”

5)  Love advice
      -“Continue to “date” your spouse, even after you’re married. A friend once told me, “you keep them the way you got them” and I think that’s so true! John and I are known to go out on regular date nights and it always helps us reconnect and have fun together as a couple.”

Have you thought about who will be shooting your wedding photos?  Keep Erin Hession in mind for your special day! 

Love is in the air!