Ombre Wedding Cakes

One of the hottest trends from last year that is still going strong into the new year is Ombre. One of my favorite places to see ombre is in the cake. (Maybe that is because I have a sweet tooth, hhhmmmm…..)

Here are some great examples:

purple ombre wedding cake__stephanie_yonce_photography_indianapolis wedding planner

Purple Ombre Cake

Indianapolis wedding planners pink ombre cake with flower

Pink Ombre Cake

I love the idea of the cake being a combination of the same color. You can instantly make your wedding cake interesting by changing the color from top to bottom. Simple, yet elegant.

Also, who says you have to stop at the outside of the cake. Think about adding ombre layers inside your cake too!

Indianapolis wedding planner Pink Ombre cake inside and out

Pink Ombre Cake – Inside and Out

What do you think of having an ombre wedding cake?

Art of the Table 2012 Photos

We are excited to share our table photos for Art of the Table 2012. This year’s event was great as always. As a committee member we were excited to see 29 table designs, the most we have ever had. All of the designers went over the top a pulled off amazing designs. The great thing about this event is that it caters to everyone. Whether you are planning a romantic, contemporary or beach wedding, you could see a design in your style. Even if you were not planning a wedding, we had a design for you too. Please enjoy our two tables, we had a blast creating them!

Table Design – Ruffles & Roses
Floral Design – Lilly Lane Flowers
Stationary Design – Ruffles & Roses
Overlay Linens – Wildflower Linens
Base Linen – Chair Cover & Linens
Photographer – Erin Hession Photography

This was our romantic wedding table. We fell in LOVE with these linens from Wildflower and had to design a table around them. The idea for the centerpiece was a garden that has gone a bit wild and is overgrown. The best part about Lilly Lane’s design (besides the roses of course!) was that as you moved around the table you were greeted with a different look. It made the table interesting and fun to look around, you never knew what was around the corner.

Table, Favors, Flowers, Cupcake Design – Ruffles & Roses
Linens – Chair Covers & Linens
Photographer – Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

Our second table we went a little wild and did a social table. This is a little girl’s birthday party themed as Alice and Wonderland’s Mad Hatter Tea Party. This is a fun theme to work with because anything goes. The Mad Hatter Tea Party was a crazy UnBirthday Party with tons of teapots and cups. We use this idea and expanded it to include giant teacups for our topsy-turvy cake and flower display. We picked the top linen because of its fun color changing feature. The bubbles are one long linen that changes colors depending on what is below it. How fun! Can you imagine being a little girl and having your very own grown up tea party? I cannot wait until I can use these for a real party.

Check out the entire event photos at the Art of the Table website.

Hope you enjoyed our photos, we enjoyed designing them.  What is your favorite party of our table designs?

Love Stories: Robbie & Stephanie

We are so excited that we get to be sharing some beautiful photos from our August 13th wedding at the Eiteljorg. I met this couple at the end of December last year and worked with them all year to create their perfect day. I enjoyed meeting and working with the whole family and in fact, miss not talking to them on a regular basis. The rain held off that day for the outside ceremony, our only hitch was the practicing bands behind the ceremony site. I think Stephanie’s dad said it best in his welcome speech when he said, “it is hard to get 30 rival bands to play together, but they did for Stephanie’s wedding.” It may not have been ideal but it will be a memory. Please enjoy the photos!

Wedding Planner – Ruffles & Roses Weddings and Events

Photographer – Patricia Karina

Venues – Eiteljorg Museum

Catering – Kahn’s Catering

Flowers – Lilly Lane Flowers

Cake and Dessert Bar – Kahn’s Catering

DJ – Sunny Moon

Hope you enjoyed. They are a beautiful couple and I wish them all the best!

What is your favorite photo?

Love is in the Air!

Fun Color Friday – Orange Centerpieces

Orange Flower Centerpiece Idea

Its Fun Color Friday, and I decided to do a fun color – orange. Using orange in your wedding colors will brighten your whole day. No matter your style, you can add some orange to your wedding day.

Orange Centerpiece Idea

Orange Centerpiece Idea

 Orange Centerpiece Idea

Orange Centerpiece Idea

Orange Centerpiece Idea

Orange Centerpiece Idea

What do you think? Are you adding orange your wedding day? What is your favorite orange centerpiece?

Happy Planning!

Fun Color Friday – Honeysuckle

Shoe Source
Dress Source
Invitation Source

And the winner is … honeysuckle! The Pantone color of 2011 is honeysuckle and  I Love it! It is a fun and fresh color that would make any wedding pop. The best part is you should be able to find fabulous shoes!

What do you think of the color of the year?

Happy Planning!


Outdoor September Wedding: Lindsay and Brett

It took a little longer than normal, but here are the photos from Lindsay and Brett’s outdoor wedding this past September. The wedding took place at Lindsay’s parent’s house (thanks mom and dad) and it was a beautiful day. Lindsay was a gorgeous bride and everyone enjoyed the day. Enjoy!

Photographer: Jamie Sangar, Jamie Sangar Photography

Flowers: Jan (Groom’s Mom – THANK MOM!)

Draping: Vicki Swanson, Indy Dream Events

Planner: Jennifer Tornatta, Moments in Time Event Planners

Happy Planning!

Royal Wedding: Royal Purple and Diamond Wedding

The news is buzzing everywhere about the royal engagement and the upcoming royal wedding. For fun this Friday I decided to do a royal wedding board. And what colors to use but royal purple and diamond, of course!


We will be hearing up until the wedding speculation on what the wedding will look like. Until then, we can all have a little fun planning our royal weddings. In fact, why not put a little royal treatment in your own wedding. Add a little something extra somewhere and you can know you are having your very own royal wedding.

Happy Planning!

Wedding Colors: All About Green

As I am helping with weddings, I am noticing that green is really big right now. I do not think that any particular green is being used, just that many brides are using it some way in their wedding. Some weddings are all green and others use it as an accent color. I think that it is great color that you can pair with many others to create the look you are after. Below is a color board with different shades of green.

Made with

Green has so many different shades and can go with any style. Think about pairing your favorite color with a shade of green to create an amazing wedding.

Happy Planning!

Beach Wedding

As I said last post, I was inspired by my recent trip to Florida. I love the beach, so I did a design board with a beach theme.

Top Beach Picture
Cake Picture

Flowers on Chair Picture
Jump Picture
Bottom Flower Picture
Bottom Beach Picture

Destination beach weddings can be beautiful and you can get some amazing pictures.

Happy Planning!

Wedding Color: Green Apple

Another color I like for weddings is green apple. I like that it is so versatile. You can have an all green apple wedding or have it combined with colors like: pink, purple, brown, black and even damask. You can have a chic, modern wedding to a simple traditional wedding. In spring you can use this color with pink and purple to have a fun fresh color scheme. At the same time, you can use it in the fall with brown to bring the fall season to life. I have created a design board of invitations to give you some examples on how you can use this color.

Wedding Invitations – Wedding Divas
Green Apples

Not only can you use this great color but it can be your theme. You could easily have a green apple wedding as your theme and use actual green apples in your decor. You could serve a green apple martini as a signature drink, and use real green apples for your escort cards.

Apple Escort Cards

The ideas are endless and you will have a beautiful wedding to remember.

Happy Planning!