Brides Against Breast Cancer 2010 Photos

Finally, here are the photos for Brides Against Breast Cancer Tour of Gowns in Indianapolis this past May. Click on the link below to see the photos.


Happy Planning!

Watch Fox 59 for Brides Against Breast Cancer

I am excited to say that I will be on Fox 59 Morning show tomorrow at 9:15am to promote our event for Brides Against Breast Cancer. Make sure to watch or tape to see me talk about this great event. We are also going to feature three models wearing dresses you will be able to purchase this weekend. If you are a bride and want to see what might be there, this is a great way to see some dresses. Again, this event is going to be great and we cannot wait to help you find your perfect dress.

It was a great segment, here is the link, enjoy!

Happy Planning!