Love Connections: Tanya with Heavenly Sweets

Tanya Marshall: Owner of Heavenly Sweets

Heavenly Sweets: Voted Best Cake by Indianapolis Monthly Magazine

Wedding Cake by Tanya Marshall

We had a chance to sit down with Tanya Marshall from Heavenly Sweets.  Heavenly Sweets was voted best cake by Indianapolis Monthly Magazine and their buttercream icing is “heavenly”.  Heavenly Sweets not only bakes wonderful cakes, they also cater as well.  With two locations located in Noblesville, Indiana, be sure to visit them for your next catered event or wedding cake!  After talking with Tanya, we asked her a few questions pertaining to love.  Here is what she said!

1)    What do you love about weddings?
-“I love the response people have once they have enjoyed and seen the cake.  I like the after response  more then the initial, because i like to see the excitement from the families after they have seen and tasted the cake.”

2)  What do you love about your business?
-“We have started with a mission and we stayed true to our mission.  We wanted to have a high quality product and we have continued to produce products that we aimed for when we first started.”

3)  What is your love craving?
-“I still love my own buttercream icing.  I enjoy the sour cream buttercream icing as well.”  It’s great that after all these years, her product is something she not only enjoys making, but enjoys eating as well!

4)  What do you love about living in Indiana?
-“I love the defined four seasons: fall, winter, spring, summer.  Fall is my favorite season, but I look forward to spring time.  I love Indiana because most of my family lives here; not all my children live here, but the four seasons and my strong family ties are what I enjoy most about Indiana.”

5)  Love Advice
-“Be honest with each other before you get married. Take off the rose colored glasses and make sure you really like each other with honest eyes.  It is important to be honest with each other and to not get in a hurry.  Don’t ignore the courtship process because it is a special time.  It can get swept under the rug during wedding planning.”

Thanks Tanya!  Be sure to check out Heavenly Sweets!  Have you tried their cake or had an event catered by them before?

Love is in the Air!