Love Inspirations: Have Fun With Invitations

Beach Wedding Invitation

Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation

Rock Poster Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations can be fun to create.  You can create invitations that are based off of you and your loved ones personalities, interests, hobbies, or favorite items.  If going to the movies is a hobby you both enjoy, you could make your invitation like a movie poster or movie ticket.  If you both love music or going to concerts, why not a rock poster for your wedding invitations.  If you like to travel or are having a destination wedding, you could make your invitations look like a plane ticket, boarding pass, or passport!  There are so many ways to have fun with invitations!  Not only are they fun to make, but fun to collect from other weddings you have attended!! Set your creative brain on fire.

Have you received any fun invitations from other weddings you have attended? Feel free to share your creative ideas with us!!

Love is in the air!