Creative, Eco-Friendly Wedding Centerpiece

In honor of Earth Day today, I decide to share an idea about a creative centerpiece for your reception. A trend right now is to use tall branches to make a dramatic centerpiece. The twist that I am suggesting is to use an actual tree. Purchase small trees that you can place in nice pots and instantly you have an amazing centerpiece.

Centerpiece Idea

You can use a flowering tree like the one pictured above, to a more standard tree with mainly branches. You can add the same flowers and/or adornments you would add if it was just branches and around the tree you can add additional plants or just candles to set the mood. Guests will be amazed that an actual tree is on their table.

Another great use for the tree is to make the tree themselves your favors. This makes them more eco-friendly, since you are using them for two purposes. Allow parents, grandparents, other special relatives, and of course you to take them home and plant these trees in their yards. This will give the special people in your life a piece of your wedding memory they can savor for years to come. You can tell your grandchildren one day that the tree they are leaning against was from your wedding.

Happy Planning!