I Love Weddings!

Today I was thinking, I really love weddings. I love everything about them. From the planning to the actual day. Nothing is better than seeing two people come together and celebrate their love. I love the story of romance to all the details that go into planning that perfect day. It is interesting to see how each couple takes this exciting journey. Some are traditional while others go the opposite direction and try to do everything unexpected. Sometimes you look at a couple and before knowing them you think, I know their style, and then they go and surprise you. It makes it that much more fun! I do have to admit, I might like the planning part a bit more (I am a wedding planner after all) but to watch two people share custom vows is pretty amazing. I am sure this is not a shock coming from a wedding planner, but today I just felt like sharing – I love Weddings!

To all brides out there, enjoy every minute of your wedding planning. It is a joyous and wonderful time that you should cherish. Good luck with all your planning and do not forget to each your cake at your wedding :-)!!