2010 Hot Wedding Color Trend – Turquoise

Another color that is hot this year is turquoise. It is a fun, versatile color that brides love. Below is a color collage of this great color.

Turquoise Wedding

Bridal Party Idea
Favor Box Idea (Top)
Invitation Idea (Middle)
Bridesmaid Dress Idea (Middle Left)
Bridesmaid Dress Idea (Middle Right)
Favor Idea (Bottom)
Drink Idea
Wedding Invitation Idea (Bottom)

One of the reasons I like this color is that you can do so much with it. You can have a Tiffany blue and white wedding that will look classic and sophisticated. You could add black or brown as your second color and really play off the beautiful contrast. If you went with brown, you could even have the men in brown tuxes to help make your wedding have a unique twist. Maybe you are having a tropical or beach wedding, well then this color will work for you too. Not all colors can give you a completely different look just by how you apply it. Whether you want a classic, modern, beach or somewhere in the middle wedding you can use this color and it will be beautiful.