Weather Back up Plans

This past weekend I helped with a wedding and it made me think, do you have a weather back up plan for your wedding? If you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception you need to have a weather back up plan. Another wedding I just assisted with back in May was a perfect example. The ceremony was outside and the reception was inside. Leading up to the wedding and even that morning the weather forecast was sunny and in the 70s, perfect right? Guess what, at noon it was raining. We had to think fast and rework the reception room, as it was the back up rain plan.

Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather (trust me if I could, I would). You need to have a plan ready for what to do if rain does happen. You also need to know at what time a final decision needs to be made. Some brides think that they can wait until 30 minutes before their wedding to make the call, but that is not feasible. You need to have time to make the back up ceremony/reception site the way you want it.

Another weather problem you may not have thought about is heat. This past weekend at the wedding, we were concerned that the rain predicted was going to ruin the outside cocktail hour. The reception site did not really have another room for us to use for the cocktail hour and we were counting on using outside area. The original plan was to use the parlor and the patio for the cocktail hour. All week rain was predicted and we were worried. Then Saturday came and the rain never came, great right? Wrong, it was almost 90 degrees with Indiana humidity and no one wanted to go outside. We ended up with 250 people in a small parlor and small gathering space just before the patio. It ended up working out, but it could have been a disaster.

Heat is something we do not often think about at a weather problem for a wedding. If you are having an outdoor ceremony and it is going to be hot and humid, you may have a problem. Remember that you will be wearing a layered wedding dress and your groom and groomsmen with most likely be in black tuxes. If you are having a summer wedding outside, you may want to think about having a back up heat plan along with your back up rain plan.

The important message here is be prepared for anything. Again, we cannot control the weather but we can help control the situation. If you are worried that you will not be prepared, you may want to talk to a wedding planner to see if maybe you need a little help for your wedding day. We are able to think fast on our feet and can help you when ever mother nature decides to change her mind.

Happy Planning!