Art of the Table 2012 Photos

We are excited to share our table photos for Art of the Table 2012. This year’s event was great as always. As a committee member we were excited to see 29 table designs, the most we have ever had. All of the designers went over the top a pulled off amazing designs. The great thing about this event is that it caters to everyone. Whether you are planning a romantic, contemporary or beach wedding, you could see a design in your style. Even if you were not planning a wedding, we had a design for you too. Please enjoy our two tables, we had a blast creating them!

Table Design – Ruffles & Roses
Floral Design – Lilly Lane Flowers
Stationary Design – Ruffles & Roses
Overlay Linens – Wildflower Linens
Base Linen – Chair Cover & Linens
Photographer – Erin Hession Photography

This was our romantic wedding table. We fell in LOVE with these linens from Wildflower and had to design a table around them. The idea for the centerpiece was a garden that has gone a bit wild and is overgrown. The best part about Lilly Lane’s design (besides the roses of course!) was that as you moved around the table you were greeted with a different look. It made the table interesting and fun to look around, you never knew what was around the corner.

Table, Favors, Flowers, Cupcake Design – Ruffles & Roses
Linens – Chair Covers & Linens
Photographer – Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

Our second table we went a little wild and did a social table. This is a little girl’s birthday party themed as Alice and Wonderland’s Mad Hatter Tea Party. This is a fun theme to work with because anything goes. The Mad Hatter Tea Party was a crazy UnBirthday Party with tons of teapots and cups. We use this idea and expanded it to include giant teacups for our topsy-turvy cake and flower display. We picked the top linen because of its fun color changing feature. The bubbles are one long linen that changes colors depending on what is below it. How fun! Can you imagine being a little girl and having your very own grown up tea party? I cannot wait until I can use these for a real party.

Check out the entire event photos at the Art of the Table website.

Hope you enjoyed our photos, we enjoyed designing them.  What is your favorite party of our table designs?

Art of the Table 2011 Photos

Sorry for the delay, but here are the photos. I posted awhile back a design board I created for our design, click here to see it. I wanted to show how a design board becomes a real design. The board is never exact, but gets you an idea of what you want. We were happy with how our table turned out and we hope you enjoy it. As a reminder, our theme was Christmas, winter, luncheon. We did a fun twist on Christmas by using a fresh green and our “red” was just our drink and cupcakes. You do not have to be so literal with a theme. You can had hints of it and still have fun with the design.

Table Design/Cupcakes – Heavenly Sweets Cakes

Table Design/Stationary Design – Moments in Time Event Planners

Flowers – Gene Fulmer, Events by Design

Linens – BBJ Linens

Photographer – Troy Hill

In case you were not there, the cupcakes were yummy, thanks Tanya!

What do you think of the table design?

Happy Planning!