Too Busy to Plan Your Wedding?

I have been extremely busy lately and, in fact, have not been able to write. I think that this happens to all of us. Life happens and we sometimes get caught up in doing too many things. Between work, family life and the many other countless things we all do, it is easy for wedding planning to be put on the back burner. This seems ok when you are ten months away, but starts to become a problem when it is two months away and you are way behind. Then panic sets in and you start stressing about everything.

Again, I understand we all get busy, but my goal is to keep you stress free. It is ok that you do not work on your wedding planning every day or even every month. Depending on the month, you may just not have a lot to do. My suggestion is to make sure that each month you do at least check your timeline. Make sure that you have not missed anything or to see if something is coming up next month. If you do miss a month planning, make sure that you check your timeline and work the next month on getting caught up. The idea is that if you do get behind one month, you get back on track the next month. It is a lot less stressful to add three more things to do in a month then to get one month away from your wedding and being 30 things behind.

Planning a wedding should be fun and she not leave you stressful. If you are having trouble planning because of your schedule. Remember that we are here to help. A wedding planner is a resource for helping you plan your wedding. Maybe you are so busy that you need someone else to do the planning or maybe just someone to keep you on track. If you find that you are getting more and more behind, contact a wedding planner and we can help you get back on track.

Happy Planning!

Wedding Timeline Overload

As a bride you will probably receive several different timelines; one from your wedding planning book, one from a wedding planner and even more from guides and magazines. It is easy to get wedding timeline overload. The important thing to remember is that these timelines are not meant to be strickly followed. The idea is to give you a guide in planning your wedding. It is to get you thinking about certain items on your to do list at a certain time.

For example, you are probably not going to get your favorite venue one month before your wedding, so many timelines put this in the 12 month section. It is to get you to think about where you want your wedding and to help make sure you can get it. Your wedding dress will probably take 4-6 and a  month for alteraltion, so a timeline might put “buy wedding dress” in the 9 month section. This gives you enough time to be a picky as you want and still have time to get it in and altered. Some items can be time sensitive so timelines have been created to help you think about items early so you do not miss out on what you want.

On the other hand, if the timeline you are using tells you not to get a baker until 5 months but you find someone you really like at 9 months, book them. You do not need to wait until 5 months and you do have a chance that they are booked for your wedding date. Besides, if you get this done early, you can check something off ahead of schedule.

Again, the timeline is a guide not the law and is there to make sure that you are on the right path. It is important to read your timeline for your current month to make sure nothing big has been missed. It is also important to read ahead. Maybe something coming up in two months can be taken care of now. You will find as you get closer to your wedding day more things will seem to be not done, so if you can get something done early it will probably help you in the long run.