What happens when your flowers do not arrive?

I was watching a rerun of Four Weddings today (I love this show, four weddings in one episode, YES!) and it reminded me of why a wedding planner is so useful. The fourth bride was getting ready to walk down the aisle and no one could find her bouquets. It turns out that they were not there and the bride was on the phone, outside the church, yelling at the florist. Her wedding was delayed one hour to wait for the flowers. She and her guests were frustrated and annoyed.

This is a great example of why a wedding planner is priceless. A good planner would have a schedule and know when the flowers are to arrive. If they are not there, we are on the phone calling and not you. In fact, you should never know that there is a hitch. We should be able to take care of it and have the situation under control before you need them. Planners are there for the unexpected so you do not have to be.

Happy Planning!