Give Thanks

Planning a wedding can be great fun, but sometimes it takes over. All you think and talk about is your wedding. I understand, and you can tell me all the details all day long, however, not everyone is like me. Maybe your hubby-to-be is feeling left out or your parents feel that is all you talk about together. Take this Thanksgiving weekend and just be with the ones you love. Leave the planning binder at home or in the drawer and just be. Be thankful for everyone in your life and have some fun. When the weekend is over, you will free recharged and ready to start planning again. Most importantly you will have spent time with the ones you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Royal Wedding: Royal Purple and Diamond Wedding

The news is buzzing everywhere about the royal engagement and the upcoming royal wedding. For fun this Friday I decided to do a royal wedding board. And what colors to use but royal purple and diamond, of course!


We will be hearing up until the wedding speculation on what the wedding will look like. Until then, we can all have a little fun planning our royal weddings. In fact, why not put a little royal treatment in your own wedding. Add a little something extra somewhere and you can know you are having your very own royal wedding.

Happy Planning!