2010 Hot Wedding Color Trend – Turquoise

Another color that is hot this year is turquoise. It is a fun, versatile color that brides love. Below is a color collage of this great color.

Turquoise Wedding

Bridal Party Idea
Favor Box Idea (Top)
Invitation Idea (Middle)
Bridesmaid Dress Idea (Middle Left)
Bridesmaid Dress Idea (Middle Right)
Favor Idea (Bottom)
Drink Idea
Wedding Invitation Idea (Bottom)

One of the reasons I like this color is that you can do so much with it. You can have a Tiffany blue and white wedding that will look classic and sophisticated. You could add black or brown as your second color and really play off the beautiful contrast. If you went with brown, you could even have the men in brown tuxes to help make your wedding have a unique twist. Maybe you are having a tropical or beach wedding, well then this color will work for you too. Not all colors can give you a completely different look just by how you apply it. Whether you want a classic, modern, beach or somewhere in the middle wedding you can use this color and it will be beautiful.

Muted Color Trend – Purple

As I said earlier this week, I was at a conference where I got to see some of the new trends for the 2010 wedding season. One of the color trends is muted or softer colors. I wanted to show you more collages of pictures and decided the first one I would do would be purple (again, I love this color!). My other post (Jewel Colors – Purple) has been popular so I think that you will like this one as well.

Invitation Idea
Bridesmaid Idea
Cake Idea
Flower Girl Idea
Reception Idea
Flower Idea

I think that this could be a beautiful spring or summer wedding. I also think that you could add another popular color grey into the mix (see related Grey Post). It is so fresh and inviting, and I think it would make a great color for your wedding.

ABC Mini Conference – Inspiration & Motivation 2010

Yesterday and today I attended a conference about new trends for the 2010 wedding season and motivating myself this year. It was a great conference and I learned tons of information including: hot color trends, new favor ideas, the wow factor and etiquette (I think we can all use a refresher every once in a while :-)).  I was excited about several of the new trends and cannot way to try them. Check my blog for new posts about what I have seen.

The other part of the conference was getting motivated, and I can say that I am. Tonya Shadoan, The Diva Wedding Coach, did a wonderful presentation that has me motivated for the next year. She has started a fire under me that I never knew I needed.

It was a great conference and I met new people, as well as, reconnect with others. I cannot wait for the main wedding season to begin, I hope you can’t either.

Best Wedding Wishes!!

ABC Mini Conference

I am excited for this weekend to come because I get to go to an Association of Bridal Consultants conference. It is our regional mini-conference and it is all about the upcoming wedding season. I know that I am going to learn about the new trends this year, as well as, get motivated for wedding season. I am also excited because I get to speak this year. I am going to be talking about my great experience at the annual conference we just had last November in Indianapolis. I had a great time at the annual conference and know that I will do the same at this one. I will let you know what I learn and what hot new trend I cannot wait to try. Wish me luck!

Jewel Color Wedding Color Schemes – Purple

I am excited that jewel tone color schemes have come back. Deep purple, royal blue and green are back in a fun new way. Brides are using these colors well and combining them with whites, creams, silvers and golds. My favorite is the purple tones (maybe because that is what was at my wedding :-)) and have created a collage below to show you this color in all its glory.

Bridesmaid Dresses Link
Flower Bouquet Link
Wedding Invitation Link
Reception Link

You can really have fun with this color and have a night to remember.

Brides Against Breast Cancer

Brides Against Breast Cancer Nationwide Tour of Gowns

Brides Against Breast Cancer

I am excited to announce that I am the tour coordinator for Indianapolis to bring Brides Against Breast Cancer Tour of Gowns back to Indy! Brides Against Breast Cancer is the main fundraiser for the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation. This is a charity wedding gown sale that allows brides to purchase new and used wedding dresses for a great price and all the proceeds go to granting wishes for stage IV breast cancer patients.  We are still working out the details, but I will keep you updated as new information becomes available. If you would like to attend or even volunteer, please visit their website. This will be an exciting event that you do not want to miss!

I Love Weddings!

Today I was thinking, I really love weddings. I love everything about them. From the planning to the actual day. Nothing is better than seeing two people come together and celebrate their love. I love the story of romance to all the details that go into planning that perfect day. It is interesting to see how each couple takes this exciting journey. Some are traditional while others go the opposite direction and try to do everything unexpected. Sometimes you look at a couple and before knowing them you think, I know their style, and then they go and surprise you. It makes it that much more fun! I do have to admit, I might like the planning part a bit more (I am a wedding planner after all) but to watch two people share custom vows is pretty amazing. I am sure this is not a shock coming from a wedding planner, but today I just felt like sharing – I love Weddings!

To all brides out there, enjoy every minute of your wedding planning. It is a joyous and wonderful time that you should cherish. Good luck with all your planning and do not forget to each your cake at your wedding :-)!!

Our New Logo!

We are excited to unveil our new Moments in Time Event Planners logo. We would like to thank Life of Leo Designs for their great design. They do amazing work! You can go to their website or to their Etsy Store to see examples of their work. The reason I am putting them on this blog is that one of their main focuses is custom wedding stationary. If you want a custom invitation, menu or even monogram, you should definately check them out. I was amazed at how many different ideas they came up with quickly and it gave us the ability to really find our style. We were then allowed to take our favorite design and tweak it to perfect. They do quality work quickly for a good price, what more could a bride want!

Indianapolis Wedding Planner

Winter Wedding Fur

As I am sitting here trying to stay warm from this arctic blast, I am reminded of winter wedding fur. Winter brides have the distinct pleasure of being able to wear fur for their weddings. I guess you could get one for a July wedding but you will be hot and your pictures will look a little odd. Fur (faux of course) wraps or coats can add a nice touch to any winter wedding and allows you to get that winter feel in your pictures. Many different styles are available from a simple wrap to a full coat to just a muff.

Winter Wedding Fur Wrap Idea

Link to Website

You do not have to stop at just you. The whole bridal party can get into the fun and have their own wraps.

Winter Wedding Fur Idea

Link to Fur

Have fun with this idea and get some creative pictures. Above all, stay warm during your wonderful, winter wedding.

Again, always go faux, save the animals. (No animals were hurt in making this post)